Monday, April 25, 2016

P-day to the Zoo / Lake


Well last Monday we went to a zoo type place that has a beach inside of it at a big lake haha and there was a monkey that was free out of his cage and he was our friend. At first we didn’t have any food so we were just giving them our pass along cards haha but then we went and bought chifles which are like banana chips and we fed it coca cola too. Haha.  The monkey did give me a kiss though!!! It was super cute, no worries it wasn’t on the mouth just on my arm(; and the two ladies that were with us are my pensionista and her mom.  The younger lady is my pensionista, Mariela and Edith Rojas.  Hna Snyder wrote me and said that she was in Moyobamba!!! She’s super excited and I’m super happy for her. Moyo is like the sacred land of our mission because it’s a lot more fresh and cool there. 

My area is really small and it’s really hard to make street contact because there’s not a ton of people out and if there are people usually they are drinking!!! So during the middle of the week we had only made like 25 contacts which is horrible, so we decided to knock doors, and the first door that we knocked on the lady, whose name is Jessica, straight away told us to come in and we were able to share a quick message with her, then we taught her again yesterday and she is really cool and really smart. She wants to learn a lot more about our church but she still doesn’t want to come to church because she is catholic and also has to tend her brothers kids alllll the time and doesn’t know how she can make time to visit on Sunday! But we are going to work with her lots in the next week.

A bunch of people in my ward have had things stolen this week! Felix had his moto battery stolen and Hermana Luz was robbed from her bodega (cellar) ): and yesterday somebody stole a brand new bible out of the bishops office. Iquitos is really crazy.

We were teaching Janet again, one of our investigators and after asking her to be baptized for like the 3rd time, when she knows it’s true (and because we usually invite in every lesson) she told us that SHE HAD BEEN BAPTIZED IN THE CHURCH WHEN SHE WAS 14. Like what ????  hahahahaha idk it would have been nice to mention to us that she was member already hahaha but we have to search her registro and see if we have her records. But that was definitely a surprise!! Well until next week.
Love you!!

Hermana Jackson

                                                    With Hna Lara - Rainy Pday at the lake

                                      Giving a pass along card to a very interested investigator :)

                                    Sharing a little coca cola and banana chips with her new friend

                                       Just a little lovin from the new friend :)  Got a kiss on the arm.

Back to the bus

April 18th

Hey guys!! 

Marcela is a lot better!! She is getting help and hopefully will improve from there, it’s really up to her but we are helping as well. I don’t know if I already told you but I had the biggest impression to look up a talk from Elder Holland about depression that he gave in conference 2 years ago and we read it with her and it was a really awesome experience! This talk is super good and it talks about how we can overcome things and receive help through faith in the savior and through priesthood blessings.

So I sent your package! I dropped it off at the offices and the courier services that you send pkgs to us with will pick it up and then you should get it soon!!
Awww,  Wyat is getting so dang big and smart!!! He is gonna be such a big boy when I finally get to love on him again (: same with baby Dax, awww I miss those little munchkins and I can’t wait to get to know and love on Zoe to !!

This week was good! We had a couple cool experiences that I’ll share with you super quick!!
One day we were going from place to place and no one was in their houses and I felt like we should pray to find an opportunity to find someone. So we stood on the side of the street and prayed to be inspired to find someone to help or to teach. Well after the prayer we started walking on the street and I felt like we should turn back and go back to the street that we were just on and contact a couple that was sitting outside of their house. Well we went back and contacted this couple and they turned out to not be what we had hoped and didn’t want anything to do with us haha so we kept walking and I felt a little bad and didn’t quite understand why I had had the feeling to go back on this street. Well we kept walking and about a minute later we ran into a member we knew that is a returned missionary and the first thing that he told us was that he had been thinking about us and that he has a reference for us of one of his friends that lives in our area!!! So we went with him and contacted his friend and now we are going to teach him tomorrow !! (: so crazy how the lord works isn’t it?

This week it has been raining a lot!! Which I love, but when it rains on Sundays NOBODY COMES TO CHURCH. It’s so annoying!! So we didn’t have any investigators in church but we are actually teaching a lot of new people. One of our investigators accepted a date to be baptized! Her name is Janet (: but she hasn’t attended church yet so we still have a lot to teach her!
Anyways I love you lots and things are good here (: today is changes but I’m definitely staying here. they say the people in this area never leave!!! Haha , I feel like my comp will stay too,  but we will see!!

Hermana Jackson

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Almost time for changes again, What??

Hellllo(: This week we had some cool experiences!! This change has literally gone by so quickly!! Next week we have changes again!!! But I think I will stay with my comp for one more change, even though she has already been here for four months, I feel like we have a little more work to do together in this area! I loooove my comp. I can truly say that she is one of my besties. This is one thing that I truly love about my mish, is that I get to have best friends from all over the world.

Last Monday we taught Felix! We had a family home evening in his casa, and other people were supposed to show up but it ended up just being us and a member named Alonso. Alonso is 22 and he is preparing to put in his papers for his mission! He always comes out with us to teach people and he is super cool! The other week he gave me and my comp bracelets with our names on them, the people here are suuuper giving. Like another convert that we have, has already given me a shirt and a dress but like they’re not exactly garment worthy so.... it’s the thought that counts(; anyways!!! The FHE was just us four and we watched the restoration of Joseph Smith, the movie that’s like 20 minutes, and during the part where Joseph is praying to heavenly father in the sacred grove, I felt the spirit so immensely strong. After the video we started talking to Felix and he had tears in his eyes and said he felt the spirit really strong all through his arms and body. The mission has truly made me have a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that he sacrificed so much to restore Christ’s church on the earth again. He is truly an amazing man and I am so grateful for his example of faith and diligence.

The other experience that we had was on Saturday! My comp has been wanting to change houses so we have been looking around our area but there is literally nothing, but we contacted a lady one day who had a room available. The room was wayyyy too small but we asked her if we could visit her! So we came back the next day and taught her with a video that the church released this month about the resurrection of Christ. Well at the end of the lesson I invited her to pray because she told us that she is passing through really hard times with her health and feels alone. So we told her that God always listens and she can turn to him, and she told us that her mom had told her just that day that she needed to pray but Milena (that’s her name) didn’t know how! So we taught her very simply how to pray, and as she began to say her prayer, she started to cry and cry and her prayer was sooo sincere and she said that it wasn’t a coincidence that we came to her house and that God had sent us to her. Her prayer made me tear up! I love spiritual experiences like this, it’s truly what makes the mission worth it is seeing the change and progression in others.

So this week our investigator - M - was taken to the hospital. It was a very difficult situation and I won’t share the personal details but I love this lady and she is doing better and she returned from the hospital that same day.
She will need some ongoing treatment, so please please keep her in your prayers!!!

I love you all so much!!!!

Hermana Jackson

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Conference Weekend

Hey mom!! Conference was so awesome!!! Now that I actually want to listen, ;) conference goes by wayyy to fast (; haha but I loved Elder Holland’s talk, he is always so amazing! That one was probably my favorite and I want everyone to see/listen to it or read it because it’s so true!! Tomorrow comes and it’s like we forget how good we felt today.

Nothing big really happened this week. We didn’t work as hard and I can feel a difference, it has been hard on me a little bit.   My last comp was so strictly obedient and then this one is so opposite. I feel like together we have just been much to laid back and it’s not very good, but I promised heavenly father that I would work harder this week
Last week I got a blessing for the first time on my mission because I just felt
without any drive to work and that helped me.

One cool thing that happened this week was that we found a less active
while going to teach one of our other less actives that wasn’t home. This guy moved to Iquitos 6 months ago from Chiclayo. All of his 3 children and the lady that is his kids mother live there but he separated from her (weren’t married) like a year ago. We have taught him twice now and he is progressing so much!! He was baptized when he was 14 but after his baptism he never was faithful in the church and shortly after became less active. Now he is reading the scriptures everyday and telling us what he has learned and how he is going to apply it in his life even before we can ask him if he has been reading! His name is Nicanor (:

love you mom!

Hermana Jackson

                                 Birthday Card she & Hna Lara made for me and Jaylie's bday's -
                                                               w/Felix the investigator.

                                               She got to see Hna Inca from Tarapoto area

                                               Splits with Hna Willes -  In Hna Willes' area

                                  Not sure who Hna Jackson & Hna Lara are with in this one.

                                            With her companion Hna Lara - from Bolivia

Old abandoned tour boat on the amazon