Wednesday, September 30, 2015

1st Email from the MTC

First of all, I haven't even cried one bit! I'm being such a big girl(: there's so much to tell you and I only have an hour so I'm gonna try to remember as much as i can.
You guys. I'm in Peru. It still doesn't feel real! So the day that we left was cool! I've never been on a plane so that was suuuuuper fun.   I sat by Elder Diehl (kid we met at the airport) on both plane rides and he's a super cool guy! I was probably super annoying though because anytime there was a break in the clouds my head was in front of him trying to look out the window ha but on our second flight we met this guy named Mathew Skulls. He's from New York and he was flying to Peru to propose to his girlfriend actually! But anyways he started asking us a million questions about the church and we talked to him for straight three hours about the gospel and life and stuff. It was really cool! We were planning on giving him a bom but it didn't happen and he kept telling Elder Diehl that if he found the love of his life in Peru that he needs to forget about the mission and go for that!! He probably told us that like 7 times hahaha We landed in Peru at midnight and didn't get to the CCM until 2  a.m. and we weren't all settled in and asleep until 3:30 a.m !! It was terrible. After that they put us right to work!!
My district is super cool! There's 10 people, all boys except me and my companion so pretty normal like my guy friends at home (; My comps name is Hermana Haynie! She's from Mapleton! She's really nice! We are super different though, at first I was really nervous. I'm super lax and she likes to be exact with everything, but she helps me to be exactly obedient so its good.
My teachers are the best!! they are both from Peru and they both speak English but all of our classes are in total Spanish. Spanish is the hardest thing of my life.  I cant even tell you how frustrating it is!!!  We've already taught lessons to investigators!! The first lesson was absolutely terrible hahahaha I probably knew a total of ten words in Spanish. Everyone in my class except for one guy has taken three years of Spanish, so its my biggest struggle not to get really discouraged about how I bad I am at it.
The food here is really good!! it made me sooooo sick the whole first week though ahahaha that's the same with everyone though. the elders here call it siempre or nunca... you can probably figure that out lol. there's these fruits here that everyone loves called grenadiers!! idk how to spell it but it looks like an orange and then you cut into it and theres slimy green seeds inside that are really sweet and good!! also they have a different kind of juice everyday. like cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberry, idk any fruit you can think of they make into a juice here lol.
We are doing something from sun up to sun down - speaking of that, there's literally no sun here the sky is always gray!!! I've seen the sun once and i was like amazed i almost forgot what sunlight was - and we are not allowed to go back to our rooms until bed time, that really bugs.
Mom!! I am so grateful for you!!! I seriously have needed like everything that we packed!!! It wasn't too much it was perfect and I'm so grateful I bought so many clothes lol everyone thinks I'm indie here... idk. Oh also one time during physical activity I was doing pull-ups and they all said I was buff and it made me happy but also sad cause I'm probably gonna get so fat here!!! all they feed us is carbs man!!!!! (;
The Spanish Hermana's here are really cool. We sit by them at lunch and they help us with our Spanish but they don't speak very good English so its the funniest thing trying to communicate with them!!
We went to the temple today and its sooooo pretty. Its pretty big too, way bigger than the Newport temple we went to!! And the celestial room is beautiful!!! Also I bought lots of food at the store!! Inca cola and there cookies called casinos are soooo good.
Okay I have so much more to tell you, but I have no time so I'll end with one more story!!
We were teaching our investigator and I asked him to read a scripture and I told him it was Abraham 1 verses 22 and 23 and he read them and then looked at us and said que en el mundo and he was suuuuper confused and I was super confused why he was confused cause the scripture was supposed to be really straight forward. So my comp gets out her English scriptures and looks up what I told him to read and I totally marked the WRONG scripture in my book!!! It was talking about women in Egypt and we were teaching him about the creation or something hahahaha so we all just started laughing suuuper hard!!
K anyways I'll tell you more next week. This time thing is annoying, I need like three hours on here (; love you all and miss you so much!!!
Hermana Jackson

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Adventures in Peru Begin.

Sister Jackson left for the Lima Peru CCM - (MTC) Tuesday morning, September 22, 2015.
They arrived safely that night and we received a short email the next morning.  
They had talked with and taught a gentleman about the gospel for three hours during the flight and she was excited to have started her mission work that soon. 
She was so happy and excited to finally be in Peru and said it was pretty cool there.  
She felt great that she hadn't been sad at all since she left Salt Lake City. 
She thought that her Pday would be today, Thursday.  But we did not receive any email.