Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Aw, it was so good to see you guys too(: it just made me super happy!! Everyone is just so grown up it just blows me away(: I’m glad that I was able to see both of my grandma’s though, thanks for inviting them. I really just love them (:

Today we were going to see the Amazon River with Marbella but now apparently we are doing an activity with the 2 zones here in Pucallpa in the stake center. Not sure what we are doing yet though!

This week we saw so many tender mercies from the Lord(: We stopped visiting all the people who just weren’t progressing and started to focus on finding new people who were ready to follow the Lord. I learned a ton about diligence this week. If we really are focused on our goals and pray to have help in achieving them and then go out and WORK for them, we will find that the Lord has already prepared the way to achieve them. God is the best and only desires to help us be better and do greater things. But I just have come to love that phrase(: THE LORD PROVIDES A WAY!

Tuesday we taught a new lady named Karina. At first she only wanted us to come in the morning because she is the only one home then, it was like a little test she was giving us because after we passed her test she told us that we could come and teach her family in the night haha. She’s super cool though. We taught her the first lesson about the Restoration and she was shocked when we testified that there was a living prophet today! We invited her to pray to know if it’s true and I’m excited to go back and visit her! 

This week for Christmas we had a bunch of fun activities. Thursday the ZL called us in the morning saying that we had a meeting with the Pres of the stake and that everyone needed to be there at 12 noon. Well we got there at 12 and ended up waiting a whole hour, and everyone was just like what in the world? What is the pres even doing. So finally they told us that everyone needed to go upstairs, and when we went into the sacrament room they opened the doors to the rec part and the pres had made a Christmas dinner for all of the missionaries in Pucallpa with him and his family and his counselors(: it was the cutest thing ever. The whole gym was all decorated and there was Christmas music and everything and they even had mashed potatoes! Made me happy cause it’s been awhile haha

Thursday and Saturday night we spent the night singing our hearts out in the main park here in Pucallpa. After singing on Saturday we came back and ate dinner with the family Panduro. Then we got to stay up to watch the fireworks at 12 midnight. Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen here. Literally the whole sky in every direction you looked was filled with fireworks.

Thanks for all the holiday wishes!! Hope you have a happy new year as well!! 2017.. can’t even believe that’s real haha

Love you!

Hermana Jackson

Singing in the park.

At the Christmas party

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hey guys(: this week was good! We realized that all the people that we have are super chill but they just aren’t ready to accept the gospel because none of them have come to church this whole change. Its super heart breaking because they listen to us intently but they just don’t put into practice what they HEAR and FEEL. This morning I was studying a lot about prophets and their special calling that they have as a guide for Gods children. How, in the same way that our investigators sometimes don’t put into practice what we invite and share, we as members don’t put into practice what revelation the prophet has revealed to us. It’s for our happiness and it’s the simplest and humblest way to follow God, feel His love, and be a happy family.

On Monday we had a pretty cool FHE with a less active family and the family Panduro. We taught the plan of salvation and gave scriptures to everyone so that they could help us explain each stage and participate as well. In the end they had some pretty deep questions so it was good to help them understand more about this perfect plan that gives us direction about our purpose.

Something super cool is that last night we were contacting a bunch of people on the street, and after following and talking to a couple who weren’t very interested, we stopped to look at our agendas to figure out who to go to and teach. Well someone called us from behind, we turned around and there was a lady sitting on her porch with a guy we thought was her hubby. We went up and talked to them and found out that she is a member that hasn’t been attending in a long time because she is from Moyo! She recently moved here to be with her boyfriend. She wanted to ask us where the church was so she could start to attend again! She seems super cool cause she was baptized 3 years ago and always went with the missionaries to visit people. But now we are going to start visiting her boyfriend because he’s not a member but he’s super interested in learning(: love tender mercies!

Changes are the day after Christmas... IDK I feel like I’m gonna get changed. When pres was here he was like “wooow you’ve been here for a while we should change ya” and I was like “noooo pres noooo” haha so IDK we will see(:

So glad Dad had a good birthday, I was thinking about him all day yesterday. Well I can’t wait to see you guys!!!
Love you,
Hermana Jackson

Heading out to email today.  Hna Vera might not look happy but she's ok :)

It was Chileno's bday(: he’s a cute little guy but he's pulling a funny face here. We visited him for a little bit to eat some cake(; and of course to wish him a happy bday. We gave him a little remote control car that we bought at the tienda for 10 soles haha.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hey everyone! So training is going good(: I like it because it is making me a lot better at teaching and understanding the gospel! My daughter is super sweet and it’s a really humbling experience training.. It shows you all of your weaknesses and I’m really learning a lot.  It’s also kind of hard because I need to be a good example to her, but sometimes I feel like I’m still just learning myself, so I’m just trying to be really repentant of the things that I don’t do so good and trying harder to do them better, IDK it can just be hard sometimes haha. but hey THREE MORE MONTHS(: I got this!!

So here in Pucallpa it’s a pretty big city. All of the men either work in construction or drive motokars. And all the ladies sell food or clothes or makeup. Except my pensionista! She sells these super fancy pots that cost like 3000 soles hahaha IDK its nuts. But Pucallpa is basically all dirt. They aren’t very modern at all even though they have 2 malls. But hardly anyone buys their stuff there because they are just used to going to the Mercado and buying all their food, all day every day. Also it seems like all the women do here is cook their rice and pollo and beans I swear haha.

Things are going pretty good here though. I really like my area but the ward is struggling big time. There’s hardly any assistencia (attendance) so it doesn’t even count as a ward, and none of our investigators are coming... ugh , we’ve just got to find new people I guess! Transfers will be coming soon so we will see if I actually stay in this area.

Guess what, Snyder finishes her mish and goes home this week!!  I just love her, she was there during probably the hardest months of my mish when I was just starting out and trying to understand everything.  I don’t know what I would have done if she wasn’t in my first area.  She was always right by my side, encouraging me to keep going and reminding me how lucky we were to be in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. Haha

Well I can’t wait to see and talk to you in 2 weeks!! And I hope you have the best bday ever Dad (:(: imagine me giving you a really big hug for your 30th bday... (;(: love you!
Enjoy the pictures (:


Hermana Jackson

Started pouring rain while we were doing a service project.

Everyone at the FHE

Zone practicing "Rocking around the Christmas Tree"

Hna Velazquez came to stay with Hna Vera and I while Fink is in Iquitos

My snowman lights - part of my Christmas decorations (:

Got my tree and decorations up !

The gator head they gave me for my birthday in November. 
It was so big that I had to just take a picture of it and have them keep it. (:

Monday, November 28, 2016

Today I’m not so good): I’ve been throwing up this morning and I just feel awful and it makes me miss you a lot.  ‘M’ gave us food from the street carts last night that I ate and when I woke up this morning I just felt so sick and started throwing up. I’m going to go home after this and lay down but I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay home because we have appointments tonight. 

But my bday was pretty fun. And since it was on a pday we went shopping and I bought high heels... hahaha, which I’m just going to pack and bring home. Then we went to teach an investigator named Lina. She’s really cute but she’s just not progressing yet! While we were leaving her house we saw Hermana Marcia on her moto with her son. She said they had been looking for us because she had made me a chocolate cake for my birthday and they wanted to sing to me! So we went to her house and they sang to me and then tried to give me a huge crocodile head for a bday gift(: but it was too heavy to carry and so we just took pics with it hahaha then we went to Marbella’s house and the bishops family were all there and we were able to do a little family home evening with them. It was pretty fun(:

This last week we found a ton of families! Like 5 new families!! haha we feel really blessed. So this coming week we are going to work with all of them and see how they progress.

But I just feel super sick and I just want to go lay down. So I will talk to you next week ok?

Love you,
Hermana Jackson

                                               On my birthday with Hna Vera

Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Birthday in the Jungle !

This week was super crazy!!! I’m still here in Pucallpa. I was with Hermana Pardo for the first half! The offices called us Monday night and told us that we were both going to be trainers and train NEWBIE SISTERS. We were both freaking out hahaha but our comps got here Wednesday afternoon. My comp is 19 years old. Her name is Hermana Vera and she is from Bolivia. She has a little cute voice and is a little shy around people that she doesn’t know but she is so CUTE and I love training, and I’m so happy!!! It’s the funnest thing and it makes me so much better at teaching and Spanish and everything, its great(:  its seriously helping me to become a much better missionary and it’s fun to help her learn as well. It’s totally making me super humble and show a ton more charity so I love it. I just try to be super understanding and loving because it’s the worst when your just starting your mish.
So life is pretty good and I’m also super pumped cause we are going to be here for Christmas and I get to spend it with the family of my pensionista and I loooove them. I’m gonna be super sad when I have to leave this area.

This week we didn’t have anyone in church.. Ugh. But a family that we have been teaching is starting to progress. Their names are Richard and Marian. Before us the elders were visiting them but the wife didn’t ever want to listen, but now she LOVES us and she is the one who is always asking when we can come back. But we really gotta try and find some new people and that’s what we will be focusing on this week!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! Marbella is having a "family home evening" with all of the members at her house today haha, so that’s what I’ll be doing for my 21st birthday(: I can’t tell you how many members have asked me "Can I invite you to some chicken for your bday?" hahahahaha I love Peru(;

Love you guys!!!! Hermana Jackson

 Me and Pardo going to pick up our comps at the airport.
Hermana Vera and a cotton candy sunset(:

 Hermana Vera's leg.  Poor girl,  her second day she got a big bug bite and it turned into a huge blister... we had to go to the clinic to get it all cleaned up!! Welcome to the JUNGLE!

The girls that we teach with their moms. 
They were showing us their dresses for their 15 year old sister's party.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hey guys! This week was super cool! Way better than last week! I hope you all had a super scary Halloweennnn, haha.  Here in the jungle me and Velazquez celebrated by wearing black and orange and buying Oreos and milk... not super Halloweenish but we were semi happy so it works (; Velazquez stayed with us until Tuesday this week cause Fink was in Iquitos for a meeting. Monday we visited Lorena and José and they told us that they are going to get baptized but that they don’t want to put the date on it.. ugh. But whatever, you can totally see the change in them and that they know that it is true but I think they just want to feel super strong before they make the commitment. We are just gonna keep helping them learn! I wish they would get baptized like right now buttt the date is not as important to God as the promise and commitment that they will make so I think it’s all good.

Tuesday we had a service project with the whole stake and I got sunburned. So everyone this week has commented on my skin color change "wow estas super chemada, pon tu sombrero" haha.

We are visiting a lady named Milagros. She is super cool and completes with her compromises (commitments) but hasn’t come to church yet! Her dad lives with her and he is 94!? He is suuuuper hilarious though and always talks to us. Last time he brought out 3 watches and two of them were broken. He would take out one watch and describe it to us, telling us what was wrong with it then put it back in his shirt pocket and take out the other one and describe to us what was wrong with that one but that it was "a really good watch" and then tell his daughter that they need to take them to get fixed and then put them back in his pocket. Then 30 seconds later he would start all over again telling us about his watches hahaha suuuuper cute.

This week was cool because we found 2 new families!!! One of them is family of a less active who has received missionaries before. We visited them and they said that they already want to get baptized haha. So that’s super cool!! But we gotta get them married though and they want to keep learning and everything before they put any dates. Their names are Juan and Jacqueline.
The other family contacted US. We were walking home one night and this little kid came up to us and said that some girl wanted to talk to us. The girl is Janessey and she lives with her boyfriend and wants us to teach them because he has a couple of addiction problems and knows that we can help! I was able to teach them with Hermana Fink because she came to my area to do a work visit and it went super good, so we are excited to see their progress.

This week was stake conference and we had 5 investigators in church!!! Also one of the 70 came, Elder Alarcon.  And Elder Godoy (he’s super cool) came and visited just the Elders and he spoke to Pres Li and they made some rule changes in our mish! Now we can’t have any pdays with the elders..(they’re crackin down on us) (; But he said that it’s just better if the girls and guys were separated on pdays.

That’s about it! Seeing some progress again which is always good! My comp Hna Mora finishes her mish and leaves this Thursday so I’ll be alone again like it seemed I allllways was when I first started my mish, but it’s all good(: haha

Oh this week I ate majas (it looks like a big guinea pig with spots and deer meat and it was really good and next week I’m eating salchavaca... (it looks like a type of pig with an anteater type nose ). Wild meat from the jungle. haha but mom I gotta go!!! (:

Love you lots!
Hermana Jackson


               With Lorena and Jose'.  Me and Hna Mora bought some cloth and a                                                      sister in our ward made us matching dresses. (:

With Hna Velazquez at Stake Conference.

With our Pensionista's family,  Pedro, Hna Marbela and their kids
Abish, Jose' and Nadie.  They call me Gato for my eyes haha. Which is funny cause
my friends at home nicknamed me Kat too.

Our Halloween snacks(:

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This week was super cool. We tried focusing a lot on our daily goals to try and meet them and it made us feel a lot better about our work by the end of the week! We had 11 less actives in church this week which was super cool! But we had no investigators and we haven’t had any for the past 2 weeks and it bugs me. We gotta find some more people!

José and Lorena are OKAY. José has like the strongest testimony because of the BOM but Lorena doesn’t read so she’s super behind and he doesn’t want to get baptized without her so yeah. That’s where we are with them! We saw that our family Allain came home today!!!! We are super happy and are going to go visit them tonight (: last week we went to the zoo for pday and saw a lot of animals. It was super fun.
But Hna Velazquez has been staying with us for the past 4 days cause Hna Fink went to Iquitos for a meeting with all the leaders. 

Everything’s going pretty good in the area! We had a less active named Jovana who is progressing a lot and her husband isn’t a member so we are trying to work with them!
Something super good that I had this week was a drink made from Camu Camu, it’s a super sour fruit!!! They take out the pulp inside and then make this smoothie yogurt drink out of it and its super good. It’s like it’s icecream in a drink haha

Love you lots(:

Hermana Jackson

At the Zoo

This is a convert family that we visited last night! They just came back from their first visit to the Lima temple this weekend!!! They did baptisms for the dead because they don’t have a year as members yet but they absolutely loved it! They’re so converted to the gospel! He used to be a borachito aka alcoholic, but the gospel has totally changed him. Super cool!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Still in Pucallpa

This week not a whole ton happened that I remember, but I try! haha we had a FHE on Monday and all the power went out right as we began to start!! there’s allllways power outages here it’s annoying. But we did the FHE with a bunch of flashlights so it was pretty cool! And the bishop ended up dropping by so he joined us too! We were with a convert family, Onil and his wife Marcia and they are going to the temple for the first time this week on Wednesday and are super excited!!

We finally got a date for Lorena and José!! They are going to be baptized the 12 of November!!! We are super excited for them!! But they gotta be more diligent because yesterday we visited them in the morning and they didnt even end up coming to church.. Ugh. so they gotta come si or si these next 2 weeks or their date will fall!

Also this week I did a change with Valazquez in her area! It was super cool cause we were able to do family history where we just go to the church and help members enter their FH in family search from 6 to 9!! It was super cool and I loved it! There was a lady who came whose name is Luz. She’s an elderly lady who, because of her health couldn’t attend church so they had to bring her the sacrament, but then she started putting in all of her efforts and she even bought a cane and started coming to the church and she feels a lot more blessed. IDK  it was just cool to hear her testimony.

Also something that really touched me this week was a youth video that I saw from the church. And the guy who was preparing to go on his mish said that in the final days when he meets his savior he wants to be able to say, look I gave you literally everything I got, just like you gave me everything you had. 
That’s definitely something that I want to be able to say too!!!

Then we did a service for an investigator of Valazquez’s. We cleaned up her back yard and burned a bunch of stuff haha but that family loves me. Haha they always ask me when I am going to come back and teach them haha

Anyways not much more to say for this week!!
 Love you guys!

Hermana Jackson

Monday, October 17, 2016

This is gonna be a short little guy this week!!!

This week we have just really been trying to work with Lorena and Jose! Jose told us that he knows that the CHURCH IS TRUE and that he wants a live in the celestial kingdom with his whole family(: but they have not committed to the date the 29 that we extended to them because he says that he wants his wife to also do her part and that she also receives a testimony that the church is true. We have been teaching them separate because Lorena has been working night shift and she leaves right when José gets home! But this week her schedule is normal and we will be able to teach them together! Its seriously so crazy cause José was the most devoted catholic ever haha and like the second visit he totally hid from us! haha but because they’ve been reading the BOM they’ve just completely softened their hearts and know that the gospel is true. loooooove seeing peoples conversions!

I think I told you we are teaching this little alcoholic named E… haha he is super cool but he likes to drink a lot and this week he missed church cause he went out to drink.. Ugh. But we did a service for him on Wednesday! We cut all of his grass with machetes’... it was the worst hahaha I had a huge blister on my hand by the end of the service!!! Poor Hermana Jackson I know(;

Yesterday at church, me and my comp gave talks and literally EVERYONE was sleeping!!! It was incredible!! I was like, what in the world I am just talking to myself right now. haha so that made us a little bummed cause the ward kind of stinks right now and people aren’t coming even though we visit a million less actives all week. 

But the upside is that I’m good and healthy. The most important thing is la salud..(health) that’s what all the Peruvians here say(;

haha love you!!!

Hermana Jackson

Goodbye to darling Hna Soto who I just love. She is from Chile.

Received Aunt Liz & Uncle Paul's Pkg.  Sooooo Happy! 

A sister from Cusco built her oven out of clay.

Our Pensionista's Children eating a kind of nut, that I can't remember its name.  But they
cook it first before eating it.

This is our house.  It's very nice and it even has a small kitchen area.
We each have our own bathroom too.

Looking into our bedroom.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Still in Pucallpa

Hey guys(: This week was cool cause we started it off trying to make strawberry cheesecake... haha it turned out pretty dang good not gonna lie. But other snacks that I ate this week were a lot sweeter!!! Shout out to Aunt Liz and Uncle Paul cause I can’t tell you how happy it made me to open their package and see those O’Henry bars hahaha,  me and my comp have already eaten like half of them(: love you guys so much! thanks a ton!

So changes were Monday and I’m still here with the same comp! Which means I’m gonna kill her haha she’s my fourth comp that I’ve killed in my mish, kinda crazy! but I’m pumped to have another change with her so we can find another family like Enrique and Leonor(: Speaking of those guys, they are SUPER converted! ahh its the coolest thing, they just feel and know that its true even though they are just starting to understand the gospel. BUT they left town until the end of October. Ugh. but they had to because they literally had no money at all.  So Enrique found a job like 4 hours away that he’s gonna work at until the end of the month and then they’ll come back to start their own business selling food in the calle! So Leonor went to her mom’s chacra to help her harvest her cocoa! But we keep in touch by calling so it’s all good!

This week Hermana Velazquez came and stayed with us for 3 days because Hna Fink is her comp and the new Hermana leader so she went to Iquitos for 3 days for the leader counsel. Velazquez is my fav. she’s seriously super cool and we get along suppper good. she’s from Vegas but her fams Mexican! So she’s gringa bamba haha. no but it was way cool to work with her because she gave me a lot of animos to keep working hard in my area but at the same time having fun.

What I really loved this week was seeing the conversion in one of our investigators! His name is José! I told you guys in one of my letters that he is super catholic but his son is on a mish in Lima. Ahhh I just love this guy because even though it’s hard for him to just drop all of his catholic beliefs he is truly doing everything he can to see if the church is true. HE READS THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY! And it’s so sick to see how much that has truly softened his heart. We brought a member to visit with him last night and we started talking about baptism and then ended up talking about the history of the church a little bit haha but while we were talking my heart just filled with joy... idk I can’t describe it but I just felt so completely happy and satisfied cause I know how amazingly true this church is and I just testified to José what I felt in this moment and that I knew that he could feel this joy too. Cause like we learned in conference, the gospel is JOY. But anyways we are trying to help him and his wife be baptized this 29 de octubre! 

Something super funny is that our pensionista Marvela has 2 kids and then her little nephew who is always over at their house. And these 3 little kids seriously always ATTACK ME haha. If they see us walking to their house they all start running together towards us and then just all latch onto me in a group up and WONT LET ME GO. And they call me their mom... hahahaha its super funny, they’re super crazy!

Thanks for all your love!!! And thanks Gma Neanie and Aunt Vicki for the letters!!!(:

Love you guys!!

Hermana Jackson

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hey! This week went by suuuper fast, kinda crazy.

On Tuesday we had zone conference with Pres Li! He came with his new assistant who is ELDER DYE! (He is the Elder from Pleasant Grove who was assigned as Kaitlyn’s flight buddy in the seat next to her flying from SLC to Peru) kinda crazy cause we both just barely hit a year in the mish! But he’s gonna do super great! In the conference we learned about working together as a team and about the importance of family history!

That night, as we left to go visit a less active family it started POURING! It was so crazy! Our house flooded a little because all the water entered in through the windows. I love the rain here though cause its super pretty, but all our streets in this area are dirt.. So it was just straight mud. haha our pensionista gave me her husband’s rubber boots to use. They were huge but they did the trick(; That night we visited a less active family and helped them understand WHY we read the BOM. This family always gives us some weird type of food when we go to visit them. The time before they gave us Soro. I think that’s what it’s called. Some wild animal that eats chickens idk haha but it was super good!! Then this time they gave us cooked peanuts!

Thursday we visited a new investigator! Her name is Marilin and she lives on the first floor of our house. We showed her the video He Lives! Its super powerful and she said that she could feel the spirit while watching it. She actually asked for us to teach her! We were just walking by and she was like when are you guys gonna come and talk about cosas bonitas with me haha
Then we taught another less active who told us about a spiritual experience of what helped him and his wife gain a testimony of the church! He was already baptized but during this time his wife was just an investigator. Their son was super sick and even though they weren’t attending church he got the impression to ask for a priesthood blessing for his son from the elders! Well this day that his son received his blessing he was healed, and his wife decided to be baptized! Priesthood power is super cool (:

Friday was my favorite! In the morning we had a super sick service! We went to the Chacra (it’s like their farm land they have) of one of our converts Omnil and Marcia! It’s like 20 minutes away from our area and her land is just covered in mango trees! So we raked up all the leaves that were all over the ground and burned them! Then later that day I had a work visit with Fink! Hna Fink is from Arizona and she’s like my favorite haha super spunky and knows a ton about the doctrine so I always love talking to her about bible stories and stuff. But on our visit I got to see her investigator accept a baptism date!! It seriously strengthened my testimony lots, because they just testified to us how much the gospel had changed their lives! It’s a 19 year old girl and her mom, and the 19 year old has had lots of drug probs in the past 2 years, but she said that once she started receiving the missionaries she’s come to love herself and understand that she has a purpose and that Christ loves her and desires more from her. ahh so cool!

Then of course we had General conference this weekend! Literally all the missionaries just get super excited for conf. I absolutely loved Pres. Nelsons talk about joy and how our purpose is to have JOY in this life. But to have joy and be happy under every circumstance depends on our focus. Which should be on Christ and his teachings and the lord’s plan of happiness for us. I also really liked Elder Bednars talk about believing and Donald A Rasband’s about remembering spiritual experiences, because our mind quickly wants to forget. Oh and also K Brett Natress and his story that he told of being a little boy who didn’t want to listen.. idk I just really liked them all.

Love you guys! (:

Hermana Jackson

Our service project at the families mango tree farm.

With Hna Mora waiting before conference,

Before conference.

With Geysi (she is so cute)from our ward who leaves for her mission this week.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Monday September 26, 2016

This week was so crazy! It went by super fast but there was like 54684231321 things that happened so I gotta tell you by days.

Monday for pday we were supposed to play games as a zone but it ended up raining suuuuper hard! So we just chilled in the mall all day and bought ice creams at this suuper good ice cream shop called Stefano’s, it’s like a tradition that if you’re in Pucallpa you gotta buy ice cream there on pdays. haha That night we taught our less active that we were able to rescue this week, her names Rosenda! She’s a super cute old lady who never wants to pray with us haha every time we ask her she’s like "no Hermanita I want to hear you pray and learn more" but then we insist and then she says the prayer and always tries to make it super pretty with like little rhymes and stuff haha 

Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked a lot about working with members! Elder Figueroa is our DL and he’s super cool! That night we taught the Family Allain and we explained the commandments to them! The law of chastity and the word of wisdom and Enrique said that there’s nothing holding him back from keeping the commandments but then he started to tell us about some crazy dreams that he’s been having lately!!! He said that in his dreams he sees Satan, but he doesn’t see him as an evil demon like you see in the movies, but as a handsome man with blue eyes, he said that Satan asks him why he is trying to repent and change his life and tells him that he can’t because he is his son and should follow him, and when the devil reaches out to grab Enrique in his dream he wakes up... super freaky. It goes to show just how much Satan did not want Enrique to follow Christ! but we finally got everything figured out and in the end he only needed an interview with our DL. He was super repentant. And about his dream, it really freaked out my comp but the next day she received a blessing and everything was all good.

Wednesday we had a mini change with Hermana Soto. I went to her area and we did service together! We went to a ladies house to wash her dog... oh my gosh this tiny little dog had like over one hundred BUGS that attach to your skin and eat your blood and they were all over her little body and in her ears and everything and we just had to take them off one by one with tweezers and it was so gross ugh.. but the work visit was cool!

Okay Thursday I completed a YEAR in the mish!!! So crazy that it’s been that long since I left! To celebrate a year in the mish I went to the clinic.. (: yayyyy haha but no worries I’m all good.  On this night we had the interviews for the family Allain for their baptism and everyone passed with flying colors!

Saturday was the craziest day. First of all in the morning I went to move a big mirror that we have sitting against the wall in our house and a huge tarantula type spider came crawling out from behind it and we tried to kill it but it was way to quick and it escaped into our bedroom and now we can’t find it.. So that’s fun for us. This day we just tried to get evvvverything ready for the baptism!!! It was 4:45 when we finally had everything ready and we decided to call the family to ask if they were already in the chapel or if they wanted to come with us. Enrique sounded super weird on the phone and said that they were still in their house so we told him that we would meet them there and go together. Well we got there and he immediately started asking me if we could postpone the date of his baptism.. Can’t tell you how much my heart dropped!!!! A bunch of things happened that morning that just made the family super stressed about their situation -  Enrique lost his job and they needed to pay their rent and he was saying that maybe they were going to live on their farm so it would be pointless to get baptized and blah blah blah just a TON of stuff. We literally sat in their little room for a whole hour, just telling him that he needed to trust in the Lord and the blessings would come. Feeling super frustrated I bore my testimony that I know the church is true, and Enrique told us that he also knows that its true but he just can’t think clearly with everything that’s happening around him so we decided to say a closing prayer. Enrique said it and after we all just sat in silence for a minute and then he said VAMOS. He said that during his prayer it was as if someone was saying "GO". Can’t tell you how much this strengthened my testimony of honest and true PRAYER. Well we got to the church an hour late but we were able to help a family of five make saving promises with the LORD(:

Love this gospel!! Love you guys!!

Hermana Jackson

Family Allain Baptism 

Elder Figueroa baptized Hna Allain and one of the daughters - 
The Bishop baptized Hno Allain & the other  two daughters.

Pday at the mall - Favorite mango juice and tiny cups :)

Still at the mall

Buddy from behind the mirror in our casa.