Monday, August 29, 2016

New Area!!

Hey guys(:

This week has been so crazy!!!! I had cambios on lunes (Monday) !!!!
So Lunes we had a lesson with a family that we just recently found in Clavero, they don’t assist any church but they understand SUPER well about the teachings of Christ. We taught them about Jose Smith and they had a ton of great questions for us. We really think they are gonna progress. But right when we got home from the lesson I got the phone call that I was headed out of Iquitos! I´m now in Pucallpa(: in an area called Centenario. I had to leave my other suitcase in the mission office but it was all the stuff that I wasn’t using that much anyways so it’s okay. 
This area is supppper big, and I’m opening it with my new comp Hermana Mora! She was in the same zone when we were in Tarapoto, she was Snyders comp! Snyder and I have had almost all the same comps haha.  She got called to my old area Clavero with Hermana Gonzales who I just left! Kinda crazy. But anyways, opening an area means that they took out BOTH the old missionaries and put in 2 new guys. Centenario has been an area of Elders for the past 5 years!!! So you can imagine that when we got to our new house it was DESTROYED ahhhhh!! Our house is super sick actually, it’s the whole 3rd floor so its super spacious, but it took us 3 days to clean the whole thing cause the elders I think cleaned it once in those 5 years that they lived there.. (; ugh. but all our hard work of cleaning paid off because Hermana Li came to do inspections on Friday and we got to go out to dinner with her and Pres because our house was so clean (:

Pucallpa is lots different than Iquitos. There’s a lot more trees and a lot more commercial stuff here, like they have 2 huge malls. Its super weird to be back in some-what civilizacion haha but its suuuuuper dusty!!! it’s like that movie Interstellar, how the earth is dying so in every scene you see that the air is just filled with DUST.. that’s Pucallpa haha. But I’m super stoked to be here! We´ve already seen the hand of the Lord in finding people this week. We were walking to go meet one of the members when a guy said hi to us and we stopped to talk to him. On Sunday we ended up having a lesson with him and he said that he wants to teach his children the ways of the Lord so that they grow up having gospel principles. He directly asked us about the baptism and said that he wants to change his life so that his family can be more happy.... SO CRAZY how he is so prepared by God! 

There’s 32341982749273 people that we need to work with here! A ton of less actives and investigators and right now we´re feeling super stressed out cause there’s so much to do, ahhhh ! The members are cool though, all the council members are super pumped up to help us, but there is hardly anyone in church! Like 50... it’s a big difference from the ward that I just came from in Iquitos!

Also my pensionista is the best. She makes whatever we want and she also has a gym in her house... I’m so happy you have no idea (;

Mom please be sure and tell Logan happy birthday for me Thursday and that I love my big brother and am thinking about him (:

Love you guys!! Thanks for all the support!

Hermana Jackson

Hna Brotherson - Hna Gonzales (KJ's last Comp) - Hna Jackson - Hna Cantos

A place called the boulevard by the river in Iquitos

Monday, August 22, 2016

I started to send a group email but the internet crashed:( and I don’t wanna retype everything cause I don’t have the time now.... and we really didn’t do that much that was different to write about.   I’m trying to download pictures right now for you but this internet is really bad today. I hope they come through.  We do have changes today and I’ll be super surprised if I don’t get changed out of this area, I’ve been here almost 6 months! I really love my companion and will miss her if I go.  But as always we make things work and learn and grow.  Here is some interesting info for you, there are 15 missionaries leaving the mission and only 3 coming in, so they are probably going to have to close 3 areas in every stake... super crazy huh?  And they think that my release date might be February 6.  But I’m not going to plan on that yet.  Too many changes going on for that.
Well I gotta go, love you guys, I’ll talk to you next week.
Hermana Jackson

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hey! Sounds like things are pretty good at home! Here it’s starting to get suuuper hot. This whole last week has been super warm, and everyone says that we are in "full summer"!  Summer apparently lasts until September here but basically I think it’s summer all year round haha.
Last Monday we went as Hermana’s to Quistococha! The zoo place that I went to with Hermana Lara, my first change here in Iquitos. This time I didn’t play with the monkeys too much but it was cool to just walk around the beach! I think my favorite part was the bus ride there. It’s about an hour bus ride! It makes me miss going on drives with the homies, but this bus ride was a lot cooler cause it’s the Amazon Rainforest. (;
That night we taught Felix!!! He is so much better now it’s crazy!!! He came to church last week! His daughter brought him in his wheelchair because he still doesn’t have a lot of strength to walk yet, but the Lord is sure working miracles to help him get better and eventually get to the temple. That night we were able to do a family home evening with him and his grandkids and son-in-law and it went pretty good! We taught the story of Paul walking on the water to Christ!  After the family home evening with Felix we went to another members house and had another FHE! They´re the family Braga. They’re super cool cause they are super smart haha and have a ton of knowledge about the gospel! They both served missions and their kids are super funny and wayyy intelligent. Her son is like 10 years old and he says that he wants to be a professor, a doctor and then president of Peru. (; This night he made me laugh super hard cause he started singing some Spanish opera song and 5 seconds after he started singing it his mom and sister joined in. It made me think of Marebear and how her fam loves phantom of the opera and how she made me listen to that album all the way home from Idaho... ugh(;

On Wednesday we did a cool service project! We helped a family that we are teaching right now, with their carpentry! Their names are Remy and Tony. Remy is 16 and he’s a recent convert but he hasn’t been attending church for the whole time that I’ve been here because he’s been focusing on his studies because he is studying to be a doctor, but besides that excuse, he just doesn’t have much of a desire to come to church because he says his mom pressured him into getting baptized.. BUENO. And then his dad is Tony , just barely separated from Remy’s mom who he’s been living with for a million years but  he has a lot of hate for everything that happened between them! So that’s where we are with this family for the moment(; But it was super cool to help them with their business. Our whole district came and helped sand down chairs and doors for Hermano Tony.  Me and my comp got there early and we started sanding down one of the chairs and apparently we were only supposed to do a light sanding but nobody told us so we took off a lot of the paint on the chairs... and had to repaint them and resand haha, oppsy.  But now I’m a pro carpenter so yay new skill!

That night we went to visit Hermana Merci who is one of our investigators! But she said she didn’t have time because she was washing her clothes, so we asked her if we could help her! We hand washed all of her clothes.  Which took almost 2 hours haha yay service!
One thing that I liked this week was one of the lessons that we had with a random lady we contacted named Norma! We sat down in her house and out of nowhere me and my comp decided to start the lesson by singing a hymn to her and her family! We started singing Love One Another and the lady joined in with us in the chorus because she recognized it! Hymns are super cool though because they really invite the spirit!
Friday we went to an appt. with one of our converts Antony and his mom who’s not a member. Well Antony’s friend was there and it was someone who was in the seminary class in her home ward that had moved back out to Iquitos with his parents! She got to talk to her frennn but it made her pretty trunky afterwards because he told her everything about her old boyfriend stuff ahhhhhh! haha

This week I had to go to migracions to get my visa renewed because I’m coming up on a year... finally (; no just kidding it’s just so crazy!
Love you guys!
Hermana Jackson

*Here’s a picture for Dad. This is the high tech wiring they have going on here in Peru! It’s for the lights in their house.  I thought Dad would think that it was pretty interesting (:

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hey guys(:

I’m just gonna dive right in haha.. This week we taught Liselet! Victor was in a little pueblo outside of Nauta, it’s a city about 2 hours outside of Iquitos and the pueblo is hours outside of Nauta! But we taught Liselet baptism! For these past few weeks of extending a baptism invitation she’s always been super cold and said that maybe later she´ll have a desire, but after we taught her, she said she finally understood and that she wants to be baptized (: FINALLY SOMEONE IN THIS AREA WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED(; but the problem is that they are planning on moving to this little pueblo!!! we think that Victor just wants to leave to avoid getting married because it was super random that he was just like "yep we are moving".. and if they move then there’s no way that they will be able to have the blessings of the gospel in their life because there isn’t any missionaries in this little pueblo yet!!! ugh. we´re gonna try to talk to them tonight or tomorrow though about staying here!!

We had the coolest experience yesterday! One of our citas (appointments) fell through and we were just walking along the road not really sure where we should go.. This week and last week a ton of our citas have fallen through!!! We told our DL last night about it and he told us that there are 2 reasons that citas dont work out. 1 because God needs you to visit a member  and 2 because God needs you to contact someone that he´s been preparing.
Well we decided to visit Vicki Vela who is a less active that hasn’t progressed the whole time that I’ve been in this area. We got to her house the same time she was returning home from an interview with the stake pres. We sat down and started talking about el dia de reposo (the Sabbath day), she told us how alllll of this week God had been sending her signs and people to remind her what she SHOULD be doing. What she KNOWS is right and what she needs to CHANGE. She started crying and said that now she understands, and feels so sorry for ever working on Sunday and deciding not to attend church because of what has happened between her and other members, and for not listening to those promptings sooner. She thanked us for coming at exactly the right time that she needed us. And she said that she wants to start over. As missionaries one of the coolest things that we get to do is promise people blessings! I was able to promise her that if she was to follow Christ’s example, by keeping the commandments and keeping the Sabbath day holy, then her and her family would be able to have the funds to attend the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity! Super cool(:

This week we also had interviews with pres and room checks!! My comp and I were up until like 1 in the morning cleaning our place cause its super ugly and super hard to clean hahaha but we passed with flyyyying colors, so no worries. We have also managed to keep it clean so that’s a plus... I’m excited to get home to test out how long I can keep my room clean now (;

Today we are going to that zoo with all the monkeys again so ill probably have photos of more monkeys next week (; Everything is really good here though and me and my comp are super happy haha she’s way cool and we´re a lot alike.

Love ya!

Hermana Jackson

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hey mom! This week was pretty cool! We reached almost all of our goals for the week and it´s because we are starting to plan in a different way each night for the next day!

This week we taught a guy named Juan Carlos. We were walking down the street and we saw one of the members in the street and went to talk to him! Then we asked him if he knew anyone around there that we could go and visit and he told us his friend that he was about to go and visit! So we went to his house and talked to his friend Juan and got an appt for the next day. We´ve taught him twice this week and he’s pretty cool! He says he feels really good talking about God and looks forward to our visits. Our last visit was awesome because we talked about prayer, he told us that he was a part of some other church but hasn’t attended in 9 years and he told us that it’s also been 9 years since he has said a PRAYER. So crazy! So at the end of the lesson we asked him to give the closing prayer and he prayed for the first time in 9 whole year’s ahhhh so cool. But it was super funny afterwards because my comp totally burned him... haha he forgot to say in the name of Jesus Christ amen and my comp was like,  hey for next time ya gotta do it right! And he was like, yep well I’m done tryin.. He was just joking but it was pretty funny!

On Friday we received a referral for a Columbian guy but he ended up being in another zone so we can’t visit him! But talking to him made me want to go to Columbia because their accents are so cool! Later that day in the afternoon we went and taught a convert and then we were walking around cause the rest of our plans fell through. I remembered that there had been girl that came to church the last week that lived on a street that we were close to, so we went to her house but she wasn’t home. On the way back my comp felt like we should contact a house with a lady selling a bunch of oranges.. haha well we contacted her and it turns out that her hubby is a less active!  He was baptized forever ago and hasn’t attended in a long time. We got talking with them and I asked them how they had come to trust so much in the Lord, and they both just started crying. She said that a couple months ago her 17 year old son had turned crazy, that he was a normal kid but now he has like scitzo or some sickness that makes him react violently and irregular. She said that the only thing that she has been sure of is that God listens to her prayers. We shared a scripture that’s super cool in 3 Nephi 17:7-9, it’s when cristo comes to the Americas and one of the first things he says and does is to ask these people to bring all of their afflicted and sick unto him so he can give them rest. We felt the spirit super strong during this lesson and afterwards realized that the spirit is guiding us through small and quiet impressions. The impression that I got to go down the street even though the other girl wasn’t home, and the impression my comp got to contact the lady selling oranges.. so cool!!!

The other lesson that we had last night was awesome!! With Liselet and Victor!! We taught them the law of chastity and marriage!! Well since we don’t have any experience of this whatsoever we brought with us a super strong couple who had been married in the temple and who are both return missionaries and have their own family now and everything. They basically gave the whole lesson hahaha it was super cool though because they just bore their testimonies on how the lord blesses us and our families through marriage. They agreed to prepare to be married next month (: we gotta do a tonnnnnn of paper work though!!! but we´re super happy!!

Love you guys a ton!!

Hermana Jackson