Monday, September 5, 2016

Hey guys! 

This week has been super crazy and me and my comp have been dead at the end of each day. There’s literally so much to do here its nuts! Me and my comp get along pretty good. She gets mad super easy but she realizes it and later apologizes so it’s cool haha

I gotta tell you about this family that’s literally the biggest blessing! We found them last week and taught them Saturday. They came to church late on Sunday because they have to walk and their house to the Capilla (Chapel) is like a 40 minute walk, so when they got there they didn’t want to come in because it had already started! So we visited them during the week and yesterday they were able to come to church EARLY and they LOVED it. This family is absolutely prepared by the Lord. Hno Enrique and his wife Leonor and their  4 kids - a 9 year old daughter, a set of twin girls who are 8, and a little boy who just turned 1. The dad works in construction but when we found him he didn’t have any jobs to do, but the day after we came and invited his family to start to pray, he said that his boss called him the next morning saying that he had work. And every time we come and he does what we invite him and his family to do, he says he sees the tender mercies from God! This family is really poor. They rent a room (about the size of the room by the family room in our house) and have a little twin bed to share with their 4 kids.. but they say that they don’t need material things because they feel really blessed already for their family. They told us that everything about the church just feels right. Anyways yesterday they had an interview with the bishop and they want to get married and baptized! They asked him who they needed to talk to about baptism ….. hahaha THE MISSIONARIES(; so right now we are preparing all the marriage stuff for the 17 of September and we are going to extend a baptism date for the 24 (: SO CRAZY! so it’ll be a family with 5 baptisms (:

Another cool miracle that we saw was with another investigator Solange. She said that she has been going through a bunch of problems with her family. We taught her about the plan of salvation and her purpose and how she can have an eternal family, and she said that after she said her prayers in the night that she woke up the next morning and felt so alleviated from all the stress and sadness that she had felt the night before!

I’m super excited to see what else God has in store for us because this area is really blessed(:

Hermana Jackson

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