Monday, August 29, 2016

New Area!!

Hey guys(:

This week has been so crazy!!!! I had cambios on lunes (Monday) !!!!
So Lunes we had a lesson with a family that we just recently found in Clavero, they don’t assist any church but they understand SUPER well about the teachings of Christ. We taught them about Jose Smith and they had a ton of great questions for us. We really think they are gonna progress. But right when we got home from the lesson I got the phone call that I was headed out of Iquitos! I´m now in Pucallpa(: in an area called Centenario. I had to leave my other suitcase in the mission office but it was all the stuff that I wasn’t using that much anyways so it’s okay. 
This area is supppper big, and I’m opening it with my new comp Hermana Mora! She was in the same zone when we were in Tarapoto, she was Snyders comp! Snyder and I have had almost all the same comps haha.  She got called to my old area Clavero with Hermana Gonzales who I just left! Kinda crazy. But anyways, opening an area means that they took out BOTH the old missionaries and put in 2 new guys. Centenario has been an area of Elders for the past 5 years!!! So you can imagine that when we got to our new house it was DESTROYED ahhhhh!! Our house is super sick actually, it’s the whole 3rd floor so its super spacious, but it took us 3 days to clean the whole thing cause the elders I think cleaned it once in those 5 years that they lived there.. (; ugh. but all our hard work of cleaning paid off because Hermana Li came to do inspections on Friday and we got to go out to dinner with her and Pres because our house was so clean (:

Pucallpa is lots different than Iquitos. There’s a lot more trees and a lot more commercial stuff here, like they have 2 huge malls. Its super weird to be back in some-what civilizacion haha but its suuuuuper dusty!!! it’s like that movie Interstellar, how the earth is dying so in every scene you see that the air is just filled with DUST.. that’s Pucallpa haha. But I’m super stoked to be here! We´ve already seen the hand of the Lord in finding people this week. We were walking to go meet one of the members when a guy said hi to us and we stopped to talk to him. On Sunday we ended up having a lesson with him and he said that he wants to teach his children the ways of the Lord so that they grow up having gospel principles. He directly asked us about the baptism and said that he wants to change his life so that his family can be more happy.... SO CRAZY how he is so prepared by God! 

There’s 32341982749273 people that we need to work with here! A ton of less actives and investigators and right now we´re feeling super stressed out cause there’s so much to do, ahhhh ! The members are cool though, all the council members are super pumped up to help us, but there is hardly anyone in church! Like 50... it’s a big difference from the ward that I just came from in Iquitos!

Also my pensionista is the best. She makes whatever we want and she also has a gym in her house... I’m so happy you have no idea (;

Mom please be sure and tell Logan happy birthday for me Thursday and that I love my big brother and am thinking about him (:

Love you guys!! Thanks for all the support!

Hermana Jackson

Hna Brotherson - Hna Gonzales (KJ's last Comp) - Hna Jackson - Hna Cantos

A place called the boulevard by the river in Iquitos

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