Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Birthday in the Jungle !

This week was super crazy!!! I’m still here in Pucallpa. I was with Hermana Pardo for the first half! The offices called us Monday night and told us that we were both going to be trainers and train NEWBIE SISTERS. We were both freaking out hahaha but our comps got here Wednesday afternoon. My comp is 19 years old. Her name is Hermana Vera and she is from Bolivia. She has a little cute voice and is a little shy around people that she doesn’t know but she is so CUTE and I love training, and I’m so happy!!! It’s the funnest thing and it makes me so much better at teaching and Spanish and everything, its great(:  its seriously helping me to become a much better missionary and it’s fun to help her learn as well. It’s totally making me super humble and show a ton more charity so I love it. I just try to be super understanding and loving because it’s the worst when your just starting your mish.
So life is pretty good and I’m also super pumped cause we are going to be here for Christmas and I get to spend it with the family of my pensionista and I loooove them. I’m gonna be super sad when I have to leave this area.

This week we didn’t have anyone in church.. Ugh. But a family that we have been teaching is starting to progress. Their names are Richard and Marian. Before us the elders were visiting them but the wife didn’t ever want to listen, but now she LOVES us and she is the one who is always asking when we can come back. But we really gotta try and find some new people and that’s what we will be focusing on this week!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! Marbella is having a "family home evening" with all of the members at her house today haha, so that’s what I’ll be doing for my 21st birthday(: I can’t tell you how many members have asked me "Can I invite you to some chicken for your bday?" hahahahaha I love Peru(;

Love you guys!!!! Hermana Jackson

 Me and Pardo going to pick up our comps at the airport.
Hermana Vera and a cotton candy sunset(:

 Hermana Vera's leg.  Poor girl,  her second day she got a big bug bite and it turned into a huge blister... we had to go to the clinic to get it all cleaned up!! Welcome to the JUNGLE!

The girls that we teach with their moms. 
They were showing us their dresses for their 15 year old sister's party.

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