Monday, November 28, 2016

Today I’m not so good): I’ve been throwing up this morning and I just feel awful and it makes me miss you a lot.  ‘M’ gave us food from the street carts last night that I ate and when I woke up this morning I just felt so sick and started throwing up. I’m going to go home after this and lay down but I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay home because we have appointments tonight. 

But my bday was pretty fun. And since it was on a pday we went shopping and I bought high heels... hahaha, which I’m just going to pack and bring home. Then we went to teach an investigator named Lina. She’s really cute but she’s just not progressing yet! While we were leaving her house we saw Hermana Marcia on her moto with her son. She said they had been looking for us because she had made me a chocolate cake for my birthday and they wanted to sing to me! So we went to her house and they sang to me and then tried to give me a huge crocodile head for a bday gift(: but it was too heavy to carry and so we just took pics with it hahaha then we went to Marbella’s house and the bishops family were all there and we were able to do a little family home evening with them. It was pretty fun(:

This last week we found a ton of families! Like 5 new families!! haha we feel really blessed. So this coming week we are going to work with all of them and see how they progress.

But I just feel super sick and I just want to go lay down. So I will talk to you next week ok?

Love you,
Hermana Jackson

                                               On my birthday with Hna Vera

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