Monday, March 6, 2017

The weeks are just flowing together!! So crazy to think that in a short two weeks I’ll have finished the greatest adventure in my life so far(:

This week we have been pretty focused on getting our baptisms all prepared!! We are gonna have 3 baptisms this Saturday and I’m SO DANG EXCITED FOR THEM!! They are all so ready to make this promise with the Lord. We are gonna have a baptism with our whole zone, so in total there will be 7 people who will be there getting baptized! Its gonna be pretty cool, cause we are doing a special musical number as well. 

The coolest thing that happened this week was that we spent Wednesday morning with Pres  and Hna Li. There was a lady who finished her mission in Columbia and she stopped in Iquitos on her way to Tarapoto because that’s where she is from. So we stayed with her all morning, and then after dropping her off at the airport, the Li´s invited us to dinner with them. It was me and Hna Robinson because our companions had to go and get money from the bank. The Li’s are so dang cute though, they are just like our little cute Peruvian grandparent’s haha

When we were visiting Mercedes this week,  she said she didn’t know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and that she was thinking about not continuing with listening to us because she had been praying all this time and had not received an answer. Well then she said that the other night she had prayed really hard, and that night she received an answer through a dream where a voice told her that she needed to continue on this path and be strong! Then she said she sat up and in her dream she saw ME with my proselyting bag hahahaha so then she said that she knew the church was true and that this is what God wanted for her. She’s way pumped for her baptism and we took her to another baptism that the elders had this week and she loved it. 

Also we had 6 investigators in church this week!!! Everything is progressing so much!! We just feel super blessed(:

Love you guys!!
Hermana Jackson

* I got the camera last Wednesday, THANK YOU!

So here are some pics(: I'm trying to catch up and take alot.

                   These first two by the river and me on the bridge are from the                                                              central area of Iquitos which is my area.

                 These next three are some of the typical meals we eat here in Iquitos.   
                                             Our pensionista Lucy, is really great.

                                          The little girl is Janire and her brother! 
                                     Janire will be getting baptized this saturday!!

             With the family that I love from Pucallpa who gave me the alligator head 
                             for my birthday(: This was from the last day I was there.

          And this last one with me and the parrot, we were walking down the 
                              street and he was just chillin on the sidewalk haha

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