Monday, February 27, 2017

Hey mom(: that’s great that you guys had such a good family home evening with the fam, that sounds really fun, can’t wait to be part of them again.
I think that’s interesting that they have meetings or firesides for the RM’s parents to prepare you for a returning missionary! haha but don’t worry I don’t plan on becoming inactive and I don’t have any friends who I would ever dim my light for or who are dumb like that, basically I don’t have many single friends anymore haha cause they are literally all getting married!!  

There wasn’t anything that interesting this week except for Domingo, which is part of a holiday in South America called Carnaval. It’s basically a huge water balloon fight, but not with water,  with all sorts of stuff like paint, mud, pee and everything disgusting,  EW  IT’S  SO GROSS!  But something interesting that they also do is put up a huge tree and hang stuff all over it like tupperware and fruit and then they cut it down around 8 p.m. and everyone tries to grab all the stuff like it was a piñata.

Best part, we have 3 baptism dates!! Janire. Miluska and Mercedes for the 11 of March!!! I’m pretty good. I’m getting more and more anxious(: at night I can’t sleep cause my brain just doesn’t stop running. Haynie is doing great keeping us focused and not too trunky.  Can't lie, it's kinda hard(: with 3 weeks to go!

Love you mom!!
Hermana Jackson

         Here’s a pic of me and Haynie that we took before leaving the house today(:

                                                   And one of me and my comp.

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