Monday, February 22, 2016

Helllllo. This week was nuts. We haven’t had the interviews with Pres Gomez yet, that will be tomorrow and our room checks also.

Oh my goodness yes I saw the new temple in Provo!! We don’t ever get to watch any of that stuff but when I’m with the Nelsons they show me and update me so it’s okay(: but yeah I wanna get married there its soooo pretty.

I haven’t seen violins or any instruments here!! Seriously just the piano in la capilla. but that would be awesome if I could find one! Maybe I’ll ask President Jimmy or something!

Okay this week was super good! My comp and I can annoy each other super bad sometimes haha but its fine and I’ve really been trying to look at her the way that Christ would and that helps a lot. Also she has taught me a lot more about being obedient so it’s all good! This week we had a lesson with one of our investigators! I think I told you about him last week. His name is Fernando and he is the Dad of our pensionista, Hermana Erika. He’s done a lot of stuff in his life that he really isn’t proud of, he wasn’t a very good father or husband but now he really really really wants to change and he realizes what he has done wrong. He is a person that Heavenly Father literally put in our hands because he is so willing. He always follows through with every commitment and remembers every single appointment that we have with him. He assists at church and he even wanted to talk with the president of our branch. And yesterday we had a lesson with him and I asked him if he would prepare himself to be baptized on the 26 of March and he said YES!! So that’s super exciting! and if I’m here for another cambio I’ll have my first baptism and my first real convert(: he’s so awesome though and he loves us so much, he just says how much he is grateful that we are willing to teach him.

This week my comp went on a change with one of the girls from the area Morales. So I was directing my area sola. I was with Hermana Valezquez and she is from Honduras but she speaks fluent English! But allllll of our appointments fell through so it was really frustrating. The night before I had made a list of all these old contact people that were in our book of references and I came across a family who the missionaries had contacted but had never returned to teach them! And the guy said he had prepared himself and read the folleto (brochure) and everything! So he and his wife, who is 20 are super excited for us to teach them because they really want to learn! We will teach them this week on Wednesday!
Another miracle this week was that a lady who’s house I was looking for on Saturday but couldn’t find, came to church on Sunday. She isn’t a member but her son is and she really wants her son to go on a mission! Her husband passed away a little while ago and she also really wants to learn about the gospel to be a better example for her son. We also invite the people to be baptized in every lesson that we teach, and she said that she was willing to be baptized!

My Spanish has gotten better this change and that makes me feel a lot betterWe have really been working hard but the thing I struggle with still is just really teaching these people, it’s hard to know exactly what to say to help them. But I’m pretty good at teaching lesson one now haha , about the restoration(: 
Well I didn’t take very many pics this week!  So I’ll just send more next week(:
So ya, the lord is really blessing our area right now (: 
Love you lots and lots!! Thanks for everything!!!
Hermana Jackson

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