Monday, February 1, 2016

New Area In Tarapoto Zone

Hey Mommmmm.
Wow that is horrible about Dennon. I’m so sorry to hear that, it really is a tragedy and I feel so bad for grandma too. Send her my love please. But she is so lucky to have you, Aunt Liz and Aunt Lee Ann there for her.  It’s awesome to hear how our family comes together.

This week has been super crazy. The elders in the office called me on Monday night and told me that I had changes! But I wasn’t going very far. I got changed to the branch of Aeropuerto! Its Hermana Snyder’s old area and Hermana Snyder went to my old area, Tarapoto. And the same thing happened with the elders! So basically our zone is the same we all just switched areas. And apparently changes like this happened throughout the whole mission. So we are all just opening new areas. It’s so much work.

My new comp is Hermana Tinta. She is from La paz Bolivia. And we get along good but when we have to make decisions, it’s a little annoying, only because I want to do one thing and she wants to do the other, but oh well it’ll get better !
 AND GUESS WHAT ??  THIS IS HER LAST CHANGE!!! I’m with another comp that’s going home hahaha , what in the world ? They just stick me with all the people who are dying (; that’s okay though it’s cool to have a bunch of different comps.

 This week we met a lot of the members in this branch and they are AWESOME, they always want to help us and they are super good with all of their responsibilities. Also something crazy, the president of our branch is 27 years old!! He’s so awesome!

This whole week we have been looking for a house to move into because right now we living in a hotel. It’s just a small, one room but Hermana Gomez doesn’t want us to stay there, so it’s been really stressful to try and get to know this huge new area, all the people and the members and at the same time have to find a new house AND a new pensionista. The lady that we have now is awesome, she makes American food but she is the Elders pensionista as well and I guess there was a lady in our area that remodeled her whole kitchen for us to come and eat at her house, so we were a little bummed to leave this lady. But our new pensionista is cool; she’s actually my fave lady in the ward. Her name is Erika. 

Also this week we found a new lady while we were searching for a home and her name is Palmir. She is a single mother and her only daughter lives in Lima.  When she told us about her story she just started bawling. We had felt earlier that day that we needed to pass by and talk to this lady. So it was cool to teach her and I think that she has a lot of potential.

 I am doing pretty good, but I’m a little bummed that I’ll miss Kalisa’s wedding and that I’m not gonna see her or get to be IN her wedding, cause she’s my bff.    But every day I keep trying to forget myself, so don’t worry!!  

If you could send me a cool talk next week, just a random one that you like that I could read that would be cool (: not just ones about missionary work though, got lots of those!
Well I don’t have anymore time so I’ll write you more next week (:  I will try and send some pictures but I’m not sure they will work cause we had to go to a different place to email and these computers are not very good.

I love you!

Hermana Jackson (:

Picking up Hna Snyder's new comp at the airport

Down time with a little oatmeal facial with Hna Gurney and her companion

With Hna's Inca, Snyder and Gurney

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