Monday, February 29, 2016

Last week of this transfer!

Hi Moooooom! This week was so much better guys. On Thursday we had a work visit with Hermana Pardo! She is the comp of Snyder. She’s super cute and has one month in the mish!! She’s from Argentina and we worked in my area!! I actually love working alone in my area cause then I get to direct it and make all the plans and stuff. Anyways we taught a lady named Maria del Carmen. She’s adorable I love her. Her son is a member but he is less active but he wants to go on a mish.  So we are helping him as well. But the mom is our investigator and she really really wants her son to go on the mish because she knows it’s going to change him and help him. Her husband died a couple years ago so she is a single mom. But she is super willing to do everything to learn about the gospel!! And I invited her to be baptized this march on the 26 and she accepted!!! And she’s is preparing herself and always following up with all the homework I give her (; 

I forgot my journal so I'll try to remember ...

This week we had our room checks and that went super well!! The Nelson’s actually did the room checks and our room passed their inspection haha. Pres Gomez is super awesome though! I love him. It was good to talk to him; he really has a big heart and truly loves the missionaries here. Also me and the comp are wayyy better. We still get annoyed with each other but I know that I for sure needed to be with her this change, I honestly have learned a lot from her and I really do love her. She leaves in two days though!!! On Wednesday!!! And I’m not really sure who I’ll be staying with yet... ahhhhhhh always allllooonnne. But its fine haha

Our area is so blessed right now it’s so crazy!!! On the other work visit I found this family and now we are teaching them!! Alan and his wife Diana! She is around 20 and he’s thirty and they have one daughter who’s almost one! They have a big desire to learn about the gospel and they are progressing really fast! They came to church this week!!!(: we had 5 investigators in church this week!

Yesterday this family was pushing a make shift stroller through the dirt on this busy street, it was parents and their two kids and they had like 4 bags, and their make shift stroller was falling apart and they couldn’t really go anywhere.  We passed by them and asked if we could help them and they said no because they lived in Morales which is pretty far away from there. Well we started walking away and I started to feel really bad, so I decided to go back and pay for a motocar to take them to their house. They were sooo grateful. The dad then asked me what religion we were a part of, and it turns out that the missionaries had been teaching them a year before and they had attended church but had to stop because the dad had heart problems, but he wanted to know all of the dates and times for the church activities!  The lord really does put things in your path for a reason doesn’t he ?!?

Anyways this internet is crap, and this computer is a dinosaur so I gonna stop there(; but today we are visiting some cool waterfall!! oh yeah!! and tomorrow we are having our first baptism(: she’s a lady who has been waiting for forever to be baptized but had to have a interview with the president in order to do so, so next week I’ll have pics of that for you(: I’m really hoping I stay in this area though to see my converts Maria and Fernando get baptized!!
Ahh that would be awesome!!

Love you so so much and thanks for everything!!

Hna Jackson(:

                             Their Pensionista, Lydia, Hna Tinta, Hna Jackson :), Lydia's Mom & Fernando

With the smaller tortoise.  A families pets, not food :) She thinks,  haha

Hna Tinta and the tortoise's 

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