Monday, May 16, 2016

Haha, yes I know it’s so crazy that it’s already been a week since we have skyped and talked, It was soooo great to see you all (even with it being so pixilated) and talking to you!!! (We mentioned how tall she looks compared to everyone there) I know I’m like normal sized and all the ladies are shorter than me, but my comps a little bit taller than me and she always says that she’s super tall for Bolivians haha. But something funny this week was that we were trying on my pensionista’s high heels because we haven’t worn them in like forever. (; and her feet are a size bigger than mine and she was so stunned and said "you’re the first gringa that I’ve met that doesn’t have huge feet" hahahaha she’s super cute. Her name is Mariela and she is the youngest pensionista in the mission! She’s just 30!

This week was kinda sad because Marcela totally failed her entrevista (interview) with president. So what happened was the day before, she was acting super weird, and up until then she had been asking us every other day about her baptism, but this day I felt the need to ask her again if she believed the church was the only true church and she couldn’t give us an answer! So we knew that she wasn’t prepared for her interview but we went through with it anyway because president can help her with things that we can’t. So her baptism date fell through): at this point we feel like she just wanted to get baptized just to be baptized without really having her own testimony of the church. She just doesn’t have a desire to gain her own testimony, so we are just going to lay off on her for a while until she is more prepared... BUT also this week we found some reallllly cool new people! So on Friday I had a work visit! My comp went to the area of Hermana Willis’ (the houses on stilts) and I directed my area with Hermana Cantos - she’s suppppper cute and is from Ecuador! - That night we went and visited Cesar who is a convert! He was baptized in January and his mom is Hermana Luz! Anyways he told us a super cool story, he said that before he was a member of the church, he had a friend who he absolutely could not forgive and he had a lot of bad feelings towards him, but  the day before he was baptized, he met up with his friend so that he could forgive him and he said that it’s because the church has truly changed him and his life! This is why I LOVE missionary work, because I truly get to see people change their lives and attitudes and EVERYTHING for the better. And see their true happiness.

Then the next morning we visited one of our new investigators. Her name is Consuelo and we visit her daughter as well, but she had already gone to work. So the mom told us that her daughter had prayed about the church and had had a dream that god was leading her on the right path! So we are super excited to talk to the daughter tomorrow, but they are both really interested in the church (:

Then we have another new investigator named Shantal. She is 16 and we actually found her through a member! She told us that she had been super interested in our church for a while now and had always wanted to attend but she was scared to because she had no one to go with! But yesterday she came to church with us and she lovvved it (: she completes with every compromiso (commitment) we give here and she is super willing to learn. So right now we have some people who are super promising and I’m really excited to teach them (:

We have changes on the 30th of this month and Hna Lara is definitely going to be leaving because she has been here for forever and I think that when she leaves I might be training someone because in our work visits my Hermana leader put on the report that I was ready for more responsibility this next change! sooo we will see:)

Love you guys!

Hermana Jackson

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