Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This week was good!!! I was sitting in church yesterday and we were in the second hour and I was sitting next to Marcela and she leaned over and asked me when she could for sure get baptized!!! Lara and I had the date 21 of May in mind for her but we hadn’t said anything yet because we were waiting until she was feeling a lot better after of all the crazy stuff that had happened! But now she is preparing to be baptized on this day!! She is super awesome and is making a lot of progress!!

With the other people that we are teaching, we really have felt that they have the desire to improve. So yesterday we fasted for the people that we weren’t sure if we should continue teaching or not! That night we planned the lessons for each of them, and every one of those plans fell through! So we felt like this was a super strong answer that heavenly father was telling us that they aren’t quite ready to receive the fullness of this gospel. So we are going to put their names on the old investigators list and other missionaries, when they come to this area, will try again a little ways down the road(;

Our less actives are really progressing though! This week we had a really cool lesson with a big family of less actives. The dad was actually an former bishop and a lot of things happened and he hasn’t come to church in a while, but we all read the Book of Mormon in the first chapter of 1st Nephi together and then we each shared our thoughts and what we got out of it and it was super cool to see how the BOM works and applies differently to each and every one of us!! And then he came to church this Sunday!! The whole family!!!

Also this week I saw some crazy stuff!! First of all we were looking at an apartment and all of the sudden the street got super full of motokars!! And a big crowd of people just popped out of nowhere! What happened was a kid stole a tablet and a bunch of people surrounded him until the police came! But the police here ride on their motorcycles!! So they just handcuffed him and put him on the back of his motorcycle... haha super sketchy!! Then I saw a guy doing witchcraft in his house when we stopped by to visit someone else!!! Pretty scary.  ahhh my comp says witchcraft is super common here and also  in her home country of Bolivia and its super evil!!  So grateful for what we know in this gospel of ours and the blessings it brings us.

For P-day today we will be going paintballing as a Zone.  Should be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see you and talk to you Sunday!!

Love you guys!!

Hermana Jackson

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