Monday, July 18, 2016

Changes - Not Changed

This week we had changes!!! I thought for sure that I would be leaving cause of my stalker dude but... I STAYED. Hermana Mucha is the one that had changes!!! And it was actually super funny how we found out. On Monday night we were in the house planning, well the hour passed 9:40 pm and I thought… well guess neither of us have changes... then we get a call at 10:15pm from Presidente Li! My comp was in the shower and I answered! He asked Hermana Mucha?! And I responded no pres I’m Jackson! And he said muy bien Hermana I’m calling to tell you that you have cambios! You’re going to be the new Hermana leader in zona Iquitos! And I asked him.. Wait me?! haha and he said YES the assistants’ will call you later and let you know all the details! Well I started freaking out a little bit because it’s a lot of responsibility to be in charge of all the Hermana;s! But then I remembered that first he had said HELLO HERMANA MUCHA hahahahaha so I started telling my comp that it was HER that had changes!! But she didnt wanna be changed so she said that it was me and I shouldn’t doubt my calling! So then we just started laughing super hard because we really had no idea who had changes haha and we debated for like 10 minutes about calling pres Li and asking him. Well long story short... my comp had changes not me (; it was super funny.

On Tuesday I dropped off Mucha in the offices and said bye to Willis and Wood because they both are going to Pucallpa! Mucha is still here in Iquitos just a different stake. My new comp got here at 3 pm and I went and picked her up with Hermana Cantos! She is super cute, her name is Hermana Gonzales. She has 7 months in the mission and she is from Lima! She has the voice of minnie mouse haha but we get along pretty well and we are actually really alike so I think this change is gonna be really cool with her.

We definitely saw some miracles this week! One night we were passing by an old man on our way to teach our inv. Liselet and Victor! And I felt like we should go back and contact him! Well this old guy turned out to be a member who hadn’t attended church in 25 YEARS, since his wife died while they were living in Trujillo. He says that he wants to come back to church and start again. We gave him a new BOM so he could start reading again, and we just passed the reference to the elders because he lives alone!

The other experience that we had was on the weekend when we were working in the morning! One of our cita’s (appointments) fell through and there was really no one else to teach around there, so I decided to call Jenny, one of our investigators but she didn’t answer, so I decided we might as well go to her house to see if she was home! Well Jenny wasn’t home but we found her friend Maria who lives with her! She has a great comprension (comprehension) of God and Christ and we feel like she is really prepared to hear the gospel!

Also on Wednesday we taught Ines another investigator! This lesson was really inspired. She has not completed any of her compromisos!! And when I asked her truly whhyyyyy she doesn’t read her BOM she told me that it’s because she doesn’t feel good enough to change. A ton of things happened between her and the father of her hijos (children) and she says that she cannot forgive him or herself and for this she has a really hard heart. We taught her that through faith in Christ and his atonement he can soften her heart and little by little change her into the person that she wants to become and leave these feelings of hatred behind. She finally said that she was going to read the BOM! 

Something that broke my heart this week was that Hno Felix my fav person is really sick.. he has been preparing to go to the temple for 3 months, saving money, having his interviews, paying his tithing, and non stop talking about how it was finally going to take his investidura (investment).. Apparently when he got to Lima, all the excitement was just too much for him and his emotions caused his mental health to spiral. I went to see him yesterday and it’s a complete change. His thoughts are all mixed so when he talks the words are all jumbled, and if you ask him a question he responds to something that’s completely different. I asked him if he was praying and he told me that he had keiko (girl that was running for pres) on his keychain. One thing that was super tender was that he said my favorite hymn is 10! And I said well Hno Felix lets sing your favorite hymn. When we were singing he just started to cry.. But I felt the spirit in those tender words of this hymn. I know God has a plan for all of us. There is a perfect reason for why Felix didn’t get to walk through those doors of the temple just yet. And I truly think it’s to humble his daughter who is not a member, and help her come unto the good shepherd.

I love this gospel and I loooove my family.

Thanks for everything!

Hermana Jackson

The spider inside Hermana Gonzales net around her bed when 
she woke up one morning.

Picture in the offices with Hna Willes before she left for her change to Pulcapa.

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