Monday, July 4, 2016

What in the world ?? That’s so crazy that you had to get tires again!!!  We really do have the worst luck with tires I don’t know what it is but we should always have like 2 spare tires when we go on trips, then we’d always be prepared(; But the trip sounds like it was super fun!!! You’ll have to take me to Wahweap when I get home. And I didn’t know you got a kayak for Christmas!!!!!! That’s so coolllll though!  I want one toooo.. But I won’t be home for Christmas); So for sure when I get home (:

The family home evening with the Gomez’s was pretty cool, we played games as a zone - we had a big rock-paper-scissors game and that was pretty funny! Then we went back in the chapel and had a question and answer thing and President Gomez said that one of the biggest lessons that he had learned from his mission was to listen more to his wife!! 

This week up until Friday and Saturday we hardly had any lessons!! We just did a bunch of walking around and contacting people that weren’t very interested. Ugh it made for a suuper long week. But on Friday we had a work visit! Hermana Willis came to my area. She’s super cool and one of my really good friends here in the mission! She only has one more change left here and then she’s going back home so she’s feelin pretty nervous haha but it was super cool teaching with her. We were able to teach a new investigator and her husband, Janina and Kenny! He is part of the military so he isn’t home very much but he is super cool. They both are about 27 years old and like everyone here have a catholic background! They didn’t attend church this week but when we taught them they were really interested to learn more. 
The only investigators that came to church this week were a family that lives in the Sandoval house, who are the less actives that we just retained! This is the 2nd time that they’ve come to church so we are pretty excited to see their progression and the Sandoval family has been super awesome to help them with their progress too!

That night Hna Willis and I just talked a lot about everything! And something random that came up was that she used to work at the Sammy’s pie milkshake shop in Provo!! After that we both just realllllly wanted a pie milkshake.... mom next package (;

Another less active that we are teaching is Luis! He is about 40 and has a 13 year old boy. He’s separated from his wife and hasn’t gone to church in a long time since then, but he served a mish and has a strong testimony of the gospel and tells us all the time but still just doesn’t do anything with his agency to follow Christ’s teachings! His son is really sick though, he has cancer of the blood (Leukemia?) and is going to Lima in a month where his mom lives - everyone who is really sick goes to Lima because the hospitals here are terrible - but the sad thing is that the boy doesn’t even know that he has cancer and no one wants to tell him!! They say its better this way so that they don’t scare him but it’s the saddest thing ever! But we had a good lesson with Luis on faith though and he came to church with his son Aaron yesterday!

Yesterday was an awesome Sunday. I really look forward to every sacrament meeting just to participate in the sacrament. It’s amazing that for something that takes such a short time to participate in, it really is such a sacred thing, so make sure you guys are doing everything you can to make it spiritual and prepare to have your covenants renewed. So that’s it from missionary Kaitlyn(;

Love you! Hermana Jackson

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