Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hey everyone! So training is going good(: I like it because it is making me a lot better at teaching and understanding the gospel! My daughter is super sweet and it’s a really humbling experience training.. It shows you all of your weaknesses and I’m really learning a lot.  It’s also kind of hard because I need to be a good example to her, but sometimes I feel like I’m still just learning myself, so I’m just trying to be really repentant of the things that I don’t do so good and trying harder to do them better, IDK it can just be hard sometimes haha. but hey THREE MORE MONTHS(: I got this!!

So here in Pucallpa it’s a pretty big city. All of the men either work in construction or drive motokars. And all the ladies sell food or clothes or makeup. Except my pensionista! She sells these super fancy pots that cost like 3000 soles hahaha IDK its nuts. But Pucallpa is basically all dirt. They aren’t very modern at all even though they have 2 malls. But hardly anyone buys their stuff there because they are just used to going to the Mercado and buying all their food, all day every day. Also it seems like all the women do here is cook their rice and pollo and beans I swear haha.

Things are going pretty good here though. I really like my area but the ward is struggling big time. There’s hardly any assistencia (attendance) so it doesn’t even count as a ward, and none of our investigators are coming... ugh , we’ve just got to find new people I guess! Transfers will be coming soon so we will see if I actually stay in this area.

Guess what, Snyder finishes her mish and goes home this week!!  I just love her, she was there during probably the hardest months of my mish when I was just starting out and trying to understand everything.  I don’t know what I would have done if she wasn’t in my first area.  She was always right by my side, encouraging me to keep going and reminding me how lucky we were to be in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. Haha

Well I can’t wait to see and talk to you in 2 weeks!! And I hope you have the best bday ever Dad (:(: imagine me giving you a really big hug for your 30th bday... (;(: love you!
Enjoy the pictures (:


Hermana Jackson

Started pouring rain while we were doing a service project.

Everyone at the FHE

Zone practicing "Rocking around the Christmas Tree"

Hna Velazquez came to stay with Hna Vera and I while Fink is in Iquitos

My snowman lights - part of my Christmas decorations (:

Got my tree and decorations up !

The gator head they gave me for my birthday in November. 
It was so big that I had to just take a picture of it and have them keep it. (:

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