Monday, December 19, 2016

Hey guys(: this week was good! We realized that all the people that we have are super chill but they just aren’t ready to accept the gospel because none of them have come to church this whole change. Its super heart breaking because they listen to us intently but they just don’t put into practice what they HEAR and FEEL. This morning I was studying a lot about prophets and their special calling that they have as a guide for Gods children. How, in the same way that our investigators sometimes don’t put into practice what we invite and share, we as members don’t put into practice what revelation the prophet has revealed to us. It’s for our happiness and it’s the simplest and humblest way to follow God, feel His love, and be a happy family.

On Monday we had a pretty cool FHE with a less active family and the family Panduro. We taught the plan of salvation and gave scriptures to everyone so that they could help us explain each stage and participate as well. In the end they had some pretty deep questions so it was good to help them understand more about this perfect plan that gives us direction about our purpose.

Something super cool is that last night we were contacting a bunch of people on the street, and after following and talking to a couple who weren’t very interested, we stopped to look at our agendas to figure out who to go to and teach. Well someone called us from behind, we turned around and there was a lady sitting on her porch with a guy we thought was her hubby. We went up and talked to them and found out that she is a member that hasn’t been attending in a long time because she is from Moyo! She recently moved here to be with her boyfriend. She wanted to ask us where the church was so she could start to attend again! She seems super cool cause she was baptized 3 years ago and always went with the missionaries to visit people. But now we are going to start visiting her boyfriend because he’s not a member but he’s super interested in learning(: love tender mercies!

Changes are the day after Christmas... IDK I feel like I’m gonna get changed. When pres was here he was like “wooow you’ve been here for a while we should change ya” and I was like “noooo pres noooo” haha so IDK we will see(:

So glad Dad had a good birthday, I was thinking about him all day yesterday. Well I can’t wait to see you guys!!!
Love you,
Hermana Jackson

Heading out to email today.  Hna Vera might not look happy but she's ok :)

It was Chileno's bday(: he’s a cute little guy but he's pulling a funny face here. We visited him for a little bit to eat some cake(; and of course to wish him a happy bday. We gave him a little remote control car that we bought at the tienda for 10 soles haha.

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