Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Aw, it was so good to see you guys too(: it just made me super happy!! Everyone is just so grown up it just blows me away(: I’m glad that I was able to see both of my grandma’s though, thanks for inviting them. I really just love them (:

Today we were going to see the Amazon River with Marbella but now apparently we are doing an activity with the 2 zones here in Pucallpa in the stake center. Not sure what we are doing yet though!

This week we saw so many tender mercies from the Lord(: We stopped visiting all the people who just weren’t progressing and started to focus on finding new people who were ready to follow the Lord. I learned a ton about diligence this week. If we really are focused on our goals and pray to have help in achieving them and then go out and WORK for them, we will find that the Lord has already prepared the way to achieve them. God is the best and only desires to help us be better and do greater things. But I just have come to love that phrase(: THE LORD PROVIDES A WAY!

Tuesday we taught a new lady named Karina. At first she only wanted us to come in the morning because she is the only one home then, it was like a little test she was giving us because after we passed her test she told us that we could come and teach her family in the night haha. She’s super cool though. We taught her the first lesson about the Restoration and she was shocked when we testified that there was a living prophet today! We invited her to pray to know if it’s true and I’m excited to go back and visit her! 

This week for Christmas we had a bunch of fun activities. Thursday the ZL called us in the morning saying that we had a meeting with the Pres of the stake and that everyone needed to be there at 12 noon. Well we got there at 12 and ended up waiting a whole hour, and everyone was just like what in the world? What is the pres even doing. So finally they told us that everyone needed to go upstairs, and when we went into the sacrament room they opened the doors to the rec part and the pres had made a Christmas dinner for all of the missionaries in Pucallpa with him and his family and his counselors(: it was the cutest thing ever. The whole gym was all decorated and there was Christmas music and everything and they even had mashed potatoes! Made me happy cause it’s been awhile haha

Thursday and Saturday night we spent the night singing our hearts out in the main park here in Pucallpa. After singing on Saturday we came back and ate dinner with the family Panduro. Then we got to stay up to watch the fireworks at 12 midnight. Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen here. Literally the whole sky in every direction you looked was filled with fireworks.

Thanks for all the holiday wishes!! Hope you have a happy new year as well!! 2017.. can’t even believe that’s real haha

Love you!

Hermana Jackson

Singing in the park.

At the Christmas party

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