Tuesday, January 10, 2017

So last week I ran out of timeeee but I have a ton to catch you up on!

So the day after Christmas we watched the grinch as a zone. We all thought it was great after the highlight of skyping our families on Christmas day.  I was super happy. The next day the offices called me at 7 a.m. in the morning to tell me that I had changes and needed to be at the airport by 11 a.m. So I was packing all morning!!! that was super fun!!!haha, but I got done at like 9 though and went out and said goodbye to all the people that I love in Pucallpa. It was super sad actually, they are some really good humble people whom I've really come to love and learn from.

But like I said last week  I'm now here in Iquitos again in the zone 9 de Octubre and my area is called Las Colinas. in english it means the hills... haha and its true. My area is just a bunch of hills and jungle and houses! Its super big but I like it a lot. Right now we are really just focusing on FINDING. When I got here they had like 5 registros in their binder of old contacts that they had been teaching and NOTHING ELSE!  So we were basically starting from 0 with this area. I also told you about my cute little companion from Columbia. Shes 23 and her name is Hermana Ruiz. Shes pretty cute and we get along super good. I wouldnt be too mad if she stayed and killed me for my last change(;
Living with the 2 gringas has been great. I've missed american culture and english(; but one of them is Hermana dickman who is dying this change, and Hermana Robinson from Canada who ends her mish the change after me!

We had 2 people in church this week!!! But our attendance was 193..... a whhhhole lot different from the 50 I was used to in Pucallpa haha. The lady we are teaching is named Wilma. Shes the cutest older lady ever. For año nuevo (new years) she told us that every year at 12 midnight she puts on a bright yellow wig and dresses up in all white and goes out with sunglasses and a suitcase and parades around the block... idk some kind of tradition they have here in Peru but I was laughing so hard when she showed me the wig... literally BRIGHT YELLOW long haired wig with bangs hahahaha, ah shes cute. But we are teaching her and her daughter Karina who just lost her husband a year ago to a heart attack.

Anyways things are good here and its been a good change. Also my bishop is the coolest and he goes out and works with us and has helped us find a ton of new people!

Love you guys!!
Hermana Jackson

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