Monday, January 2, 2017

Back in Iquitos!

So I totally got changed!!!! Aw I’m sad because I miss my daughter. But I’m back in Iquitos and I’m finishing training another Latina Hermana. Her name is Hermana Ruiz and she is from Columbia! She’s 23, super cute and little. She looks and sounds like she’s just 16 (: haha so sweet!

But it was the hardest thing just saying bye to all the people in Pucallpa and I only had like an hour to do it.... I really miss all those guys): but being here is cool too because we live with 2 other gringas!  Hna Robinson who’s from Canada and Hna Dickman who’s from the states! It’s pretty fun living with 4 hermana’s together!

 I’m in a different area, zone and everything than I was before. It’s called Las Colinas. We share the ward with the zone leaders. It’s a pretty big area!

I think I’m gonna go get my camera fixed today because the screen got worse. It takes pics and everything but the screen is like totally black. My camera is plugged in right now but the computer isn’t registering it and its really slow internet here!!!

I don’t have any time left but I’ll try and write a big email next week with pics(:  So many people are asking how soon my release date is and then they tell me that it’s no time at all, so I’m trying to stay focused and work harder(: haha Just know I love the jungle and my mission.
Love you lots mom !

Hermana Jackson

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