Monday, January 16, 2017

The weeks keep going by faster and faster! Things are going pretty good. My area is really cool and REALLY BIG.  The bishop and his counselors are so awesome. We are just super focused in FINDING. Lisenia is still progressing and we visited her with a member the other day, and taught the plan of salvation. We extended a baptism date for February and she accepted! But she has to get married and her “husband” doesn’t seem as pumped about listening to us.... ugh. They were supposed to come to church Sunday, and we even called them that morning and they said they were coming but then as church was about to start they weren’t there yet so we called them again and they had turned off their phone!! We called them like 7 times and they wouldn’t pick up haha sooooo yeah we are gonna see what happened when we visit them tomorrow

The other day we were walking around and contacting in this area literally contact people all day. But since our area is HUGE, we took a couple new turns and ended up getting lost haha but the area where we ended up is pretty poor.
They are the kind of houses that are made of old wood and have bridges leading into them, so these people are a lot more humble and they just welcome us into their houses!! So we are gonna focus a ton on working in this area this week and hopefully we will find some new people that the Lord is preparing (:

I don’t have a ton of time today but thanks for all the emails!!  I’ll try to remember more stuff to write you a better email next week(:

Love you,

Hermana Jackson

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