Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week #4 in the CCM

Oh my goodness I’m so excited to write you this week!!  The proselyting activity was the most amazing experience ever. I was soooo nervous for it but it was definitely the best day in Peru so far. We left the CCM at 12:15 p.m.and rode a bus to our area. The area is called Chosica.   Look it up its sooo amazing. It’s this city in between mountains and there’s a big river that runs right through the middle of it, it’s so beautiful. It’s considered part of the Lima East mission!!
Its about an hour and a half away from the CCM. We all met in a church just inside the city and there we met our companions! Hna Haynie and I were able to stay together so we were super happy about that. Our
companions were Hna Cox from Logan Utah who’s been out in the field 9 months and Hmn Chaves from Ecuador who’s been out 4 months!! It was such a blessing to have a comp that spoke English (; and then we also had another girl with us and she lives in Lima and leaves for her mission to Uruguay in January, so we had five girls all together.  The first thing we did was take a bus out of the main part of the city, the buses here are nuts haha. Our area was incredible. The houses are built all the way up the mountains, so we were walking the streets and climbing huge stair cases. We talked to a lot of ladies who were just standing outside on the street, they were older ladies and they were the cutest things ever!
All the older women really mumble when they talk, but I could understand parts of what they were saying and it was the coolest thing ever. All of them called me a Bonita, little doll in Spanish, it was super funny(: all the ladies here kiss your cheek when you greet them it’s my favorite thing. One lady who lived at the very top of the mountain was standing outside mopping her porch and we started talking to her about the gospel. She said she had heard about it before but she didn’t know much. The small conversation turned into giving her the whole plan of salvation lesson right there on her porch. Her son came out half way through and we asked him who Jesus Christ was to him and he said that Jesus Christ was his Salvador.(Savior) And then the Hermanas turned to me and asked me who Jesus was to me and I bore my Testimony of Jesus Christ and it was the most amazing experience. The next house we went to, we knocked on the huge metal door and it had big plastic bags over it and this lady pulled back one of the plastic bags and we just talked to her through the door, she said her daughter was sick so as we were leaving we asked if we could have a prayer and pray for her daughter, so we prayed right there with the lady barely peaking her head out. And then the last house we went to was a lady named Luz, she had recently been baptized and became a member and we just shared with her some of our favorite scriptures and explained why. This was the most amazing experience, the whole time I was so incredibly happy and it reminded me of why I’m here. I love the people here so much you have no idea, the whole time I could not stop thinking that this is exactly where I am supposed to be, and my Spanish isn’t perfect but I know I can love these people with my wholeeee heart, like seriously I was made for this (; . I’m so grateful I made the decision to be on a mission!

Love you guys,

Love Hermana Jackson

                                                                   P-day at the Temple
                                                           New leather scripture covers

                                             District on the proselyting activity in Chosica
*Entire district will be serving in Iquitos.

*I keep reminding her to change the date on her camera. :)

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