Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week #3 CCM

Hey guys!!! I’m 1.5 way through my CCM experience! Kinda crazy. This
week has gone by pretty fast but the days here are so incredibly long,
Sometimes one day feels like 2 weeks. My Spanish is getting better (: still
terrible but esta bien! (It’s ok) This Saturday we are going out and proselyting
by ourselves with a missionary who is already out in the field and I
am sooooo nervous!!!!! Ahhh you’ll hear about it next week I guess!
So after p day ends at 6, we have cena (dinner) and then go back to class and
later that night we have a TRC where we go and teach another
missionary companionship who’s acting as the investigator and I didn’t
use any notes AT ALL. That’s huge for me cause the first two weeks,
for all of our lessons I would have to write down all the stuff I wanted to say before hand in my notebook so that I could actually talk
during our lessons. lol but yeah this time I just strung together
sentences without any notes at all and you have no idea how happy that
made me, even though it was nowhere near being grammatically correct (;
and ever since,I haven’t used any notes with any of our progressing
Talking about investigators, Hermana Haynie and I had a humbling experience
with “Fernando”. So Fernando the week before told us he had problems
with drinking and smoking and so I prepared this super good lesson on
the atonement and the word of wisdom and was super pumped to teach him
cause I felt so prepared and then we get in there and he COMPLETELY
throws us under the bus and said that his wife had just left him this
morning and is now living with another guy and he’s super sad and his
wife is the one with problems…… LIKE WHAT? Soooo yeah that was terrible
cause first off I had no idea what he was saying because he told the
whole story super fast so I literally said four words that whole
lesson and Hna Haynie spent 5 minutes looking up a scripture, haha
ahhhh, it was so bad, but that just taught us that we just have to
totally rely on the spirit and know the material better so we could have
helped him, because we were not prepared for that.
Tell Grandma N that I got her letter today and it made me so so
so happy!!! It takes a week or two to get here so if anyone wants
to send me letters I wouldn’t be upset . (;

The traffic here is super crazy I can’t even tell you. No one ever uses
their blinker and they honk at anything and seriously stop for
nothing. There’s a bunch of round abouts all over the city and a
million cars are in there at once and everyone just cuts everyone off.
Some funny things that happened this week… Hna Allred plugged in Hna Firths
blow dryer in the 220 slot and I bet you can’t guess what happened when
she turned it on high!!! Haha, it blew up and it was super funny.
They have this thing here called the jello challenge and I did it last
night. Basically you eat a whole bowl of jello in one mouth full. I
feel really accomplished about it. Haha.

Hmmm what else can I tell you..Some days are really hard here. I don’t like them but they happen. But when those days come around I just have to say not my will but thy will be done 908790872908 X's in my head. That should get me through this next 3 weeks . (;

A spiritual experience we had the other day with our whole district
was we all went outside and stood in a circle and told what our reason
was for coming out on our missions. That was one of my favorite days here!
I love my district !! They’re all really sweet guys. Elder Balone is
Native American and he is from the reservation in Arizona and he sang a native
song for us the other night!! It was the coolest thing!

That’s really all I’ve got for this week!!! Love you guys!!! Thanks for everything!!
Love Hermana Jackson

               Not sure the two on the left, Hna Allred, Hna Kunz, Hna Jackson, Hna Haynie

                                              Hna Jackson & Hna Allred at a Store

Hna Kunz & Hna Jackson during lunch

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