Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One more week in the CCM.

Heyyyyy. I can’t believe the time is already here! We leave the CCM sometime Tuesday morning I think. So you probably won’t hear from me
for a little while, until the next Monday. Which is fine cause then maybe
my letters will actually have some cool stuff to read about by then
because the CCM life is the same everyday (;  

This week I had a cool experience! We did this activity where instead of teaching investigators lessons we just taught the people in the other class,
The point was to ask them inspired questions and then help teach
whatever the missionary needed to hear. I asked one of the elders we
were teaching if all of his family were members and he said that he was a
convert and so was his mom, but his Dad wasn’t, and I felt the biggest
urge to tell him that the decision he made to come on a mission was
the right one. So I stopped and told him that I knew his family would
be blessed and he has no idea what the lord has in store for him and
what this would do for himself as well as his Dad. And I felt the
spirit so strongly as I was talking, it was like my whole heart was on
fire.  And after the lesson he said that’s something he really needed
to hear because it’s been really hard especially without the total
support from his Dad. So that was just awesome to see how the lord
works through missionaries to help others.

This weeks days have blended together like the others! Today was the last day at the temple for 17 more months!!! There’s this picture there that’s so
awesome, its of two little Peruvian children standing next to Christ
so Mom if you find it you should send it to me cause, its sooo beautiful.
The Latinas here are so hilarious, this new group of Latinas say I
look like Brittany Spears hahahaha, yikes,  but they think every gringo looks
like a celebrity, they say 4 Elders here look like Zac Efron hahaha.
I don’t have much to tell you!!! Love you guys!!! Miss you lots!!!
Next time you hear from me I’ll be in the jungle(;

Love, Hermana Jackson

This is where they practice knocking doors and teaching investigators.
It's staged for the missionary's on the CCM campus.

These cute sisters were all heading for the mission field last week.
She said that they each thought they had old fashioned middle names
so they are all being old grandma's :)   It's good to see them having fun right?

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