Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week #2 In The CCM

Heyyyy!!! I’m so happy its pday again so I can share my week. The days here are super long, but the week goes by pretty fast. We get to go to the temple every

Wednesday and it’s the best thing ever!  Mom you should see the sealingroom!! It’s by far my favorite, it’s so beautiful! After the temple we get to go to the store. There’s one that’s called Tottus and another called Metro. Metro has a bunch of cool little stores all along the street. I bought some swag pants, they’re soooo comfy. Also I bought a scripture case like Jayden’s so that’s what the purchase is on my card.

Me and one of the other sisters in our room, Hermana Kunz, rap all the time here, it’s so funny. It’s all about the restoration and gospel lessons and stuff, but it’s hilarious. I
love her! I’ll try to attach a picture. (Picture did not work) One night we had
a group of girls listening to us outside our door. Lol, so we have fans.
I don’t remember if I told you about my teachers or not.  They’re
awesome, I love them. They’re both from Peru and they’re super nice.
Hermana Gavancho and Hermano Martin. We teach investigators here
every week, but so far they’ve just been our teachers. Teaching is
so stressful though. Ah. Spanish is hard!!!! Everyone in my
class have at least three years of experience and I came to Peru knowing
Hola,  That’s probably the hardest part about being here is getting
frustrated with the language.

There’s this worker here who is so nice. I can’t remember his name but we
see him everywhere. We were talking to him at physical activity and he
told me that I look like that girl from spider man and then 10
other people were like omg, you totally do!!! So apparently they think I look like
Emma Stone here in Peru ?? I don’t’ see it.  All the girls here call me
Rapunzel because my eyes are huge. HA, I just think of Uncle Paul teasing me
all the time that I’m the “princess” (; since I was the first girl after all the boys in our families.
missionaries just arrived this morning!! They probably speak better
Spanish than me (; other Hermana’s counted how many pieces of bread they ate total last week and
between the two of them it was 112 slices !! Nuts. We literally have rice and
Pollo and Papas every day. The Latinos call it pop. I LOVE the Latinos
they’re so nice!! I cannot wait to be out in the field.
One night in class our teacher showed us a video and it was super cooollll.
So if you want to check it out it’s called “Missionary work and the

Conference was so great!!! It was cool to really pay attention to all the
sessions for once in my life (; Elder Holland’s talk on moms made me
miss mine so much!!! Too soon (; but that was such an amazing talk.
Patti’s love seriously is comparable to Christ’s, love you mommy(:
Anyways I’m hoping the last four weeks here go by fast so I can finally
be out in the jungle!!! The days here are all the same, we just study
all day every day.  Thanks for everything!!
Love,  Hermana Jackson

So we are officially intermediates!!! Which is crazy. The new group of
So about the food. They feed us so much bread here. These

(Here is a link to the video she was referring to)

                                                         Hna Jackson and her District

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