Monday, December 14, 2015

Hey Momma. So I think that I´ll just be staying in this area since I’m still training but anything could really happen! I won´t know who my new comp is until tomorrow or maybe tonight if I actually leave Tarapoto.  I’m really hoping that I don’t because this area is awesome and I’m starting to feel like I actually know how to do stuff! I´ve planned everyday this week for the people that we teach all by myself and made all the goals and everything and I think that´s honestly been such a blessing for me to have to figure it out on my own.  I understand so much better how everything works. And guess what, I’ve used a map every single day here! Who knew I would ever be able to read a map!! (; And we only got lost a couple times so that’s good.
So yeah my comp left on Tuesday.  She has been gone to so many meetings for the last couple of weeks that it doesn’t seem like she has really gone home.  So yeah that morning we did a service project with Luzmila and just painted a room in her house for her! Her family is awesome. Luzmila is the sassiest person, I love her. Her husband is really cool too but he is Evangelico so we´re trying to teach him more because that´s a huge problem when only one of the parents will be a member.  Like another one of our menos activios is familia Carrasco. And the husband’s friends have pulled him away from the church and now they never come. This week on Wednesday, the kids wanted us to make them pizza, so we´re going to do that with Sister Nelson and whoever my new comp is.  oh! One of the days here it rained sooooo hard!! It was crazy! All of the streets were just gushing with water and all of the man holes were overflowing and here we were just trudging through the streets sopping wet haha but its fine cause I love the rain here. And the last house we went to, the kid opened the door and his family wasn’t home but he told us to wait for a minute and he came back with two glasses of warm water just to warm our hands up haha it was super sweet.
hmm what else can I tell you! Let’s see on Friday I made the most perfect plan ever to visit all of these people and it took me forever to make because I wanted to visit a bunch of new people so I used the ward list and found a bunch of new names that lived close to each other! But we literally visited every single one, like 12 different houses and only three of them were home. It was terrible haha But its fine I’m still just super proud of the plans I made even if all the them fell through.(;
This morning was cool though! Even though its p-day we decided to visit a family right before we came here! This family is a reference that we got from Hna Vega when she went to Iquitos and she got this families name from their son that lives in Iquitos and his mom is really sick and he wanted the elders to give her a blessing. And anyways, we taught them a lesson and me and Hermana Nelson both feel like the family is sooo ready to hear the gospel! So that’ll be cool to see how everything turns out in the next couple weeks! Stay tuned (;
Anyways that’s it for this week!

Love ,Hna Jackson

Oh also I forgot to tell you that there was an earthquake here that was pretty big two weeks ago!!! It was really cool to feel and there were aftershocks like 3 times.

*Her camera's battery was dead so luckily I was able to take some pictures off of Sister Nelson's FB and Blog . They are at the Tarapoto airport dropping off Hna Vega. 

                       The three ladies with Hna's Jackson and Vega are their pensionista's and their
                                                    land ladie on the right with her children.

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