Wednesday, December 30, 2015

(12/28/15 email - She stayed in Tarapoto and her new companion is Hermana Ruiz from Piura Peru. She will complete her mission next month.  Kaitlyn loves her and says that they get along really well.)

Hey mom! So I don’t really have time to write a big group email this time since I saw/talked to you guys on Christmas but man it was good to see you!! The internet connection was soooo terrible and I was just so frustrated, Hermana Snyder said she had problems with her internet as well. ugh but I’m just glad I got to see your faces, that’s really what made me tear up, I’m just really grateful for you guys. Wyat, Daxton and Zoe are so cute I just want to kiss and love on them, but I will do a lot of that in a year and a couple months.

But Christmas was a really good day! The day before we had 2 lessons and the people gave us a TON of food, because here they celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve at midnight with a huge feast but we had to be in our house by 9 p.m. so one of our investigators literally gave us a huge feast of our own, it was so cute and then on Christmas we just played a bunch of games for the zone party and the Nelsons made a big dinner for us with American pie and we watched the polar express and that was awesome! (: but yeah Ill have more time and stuff to say to you next week! This morning I had to go with a different comp to the dentist because she needs a root canal and that took like 2 and a half hours so that’s why I’m so late writing today. The dentist was actually really nice but he wasn’t using that pretty much made me cringe, especially since I’m a dental assistant and know the importance of it, but yea, that’s a little scary, haha.
Well until next week.  Love you family!
Hermana Jackson

(Kaitlyn's camera won't charge :( so no pictures this week unless I can find and borrow some from Sister Nelson's posts or one of the other missionaries serving in her area that has a blog)

                  I found a couple new pictures from Hermana Brianne Gurney's blog
                    that I have been following. She is from New Jersey and was just
                  transferred to Tarapoto.  This is a picture of the Zone on Christmas. 
                            This is a beautiful view of Tarapoto.  Hermana Gurney said
                            that it looked a lot like Utah to her,  but a much poorer Utah.

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