Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving in Tarapoto 11/30/2015

This week I  got smart and asked her some specific questions and told her to make it easy on herself and just copy and paste them in her email body and answer them that way. Worked like a charm 

So tell some more details about mission life. Describe a typical day. 
What time do you get up?    We get up at 630 everyday! I’m pretty used to it though and every day I wake up like 10 minutes exactly before we actually have to get up its weird.
Then what do you do before leaving home for the day... then we exercise and get ready and go to breakfast at 7:30 at Mariesol’s house and then return at 8 and have personal study. Then 9 is comp study and then it depends on what day it is for what we do at 10, but on Fridays and I think its Thursdays (days blend together) we go proselyting at 10 until 1:00 p.m. and then we have lunch and then 2 is Idioma (language) and then at 3:00 it’s 12 Semanas which is a program for the newbies and then we proselyte from 4 to 6 p.m. and then have dinner and then proselyte from 7 to 9 p.m. and then plan and after that, go to bed at 10:30 p.m . THIS IS MY LIFE CADA DIA (Every day)
What's for you actually eat breakfast there (she didn’t eat breakfast much at home) ? Where do you eat ? Breakfast is like my favorite meal. We have a bunch of different things but my favorite is fruit bowls. It’s just a bunch of cut up fresh fruit with this stuff called avena which is like this oatmeal stuff but idk I love it and then yogurt. Then on other days we have cereal and eggs and breakfast sandwiches and stuff but yeah we just eat right at Mariesol’s house which is like 3 minutes away.
How's your bed? Any more spiders in your bed?   Any trouble with Mosquitoes ,  are you wearing repellent every day and sleeping with the net over you?
Mmy beds fine. I dont really notice bugs anymore lol and yeah I use the net every night and wear repellent.
Do you still need lotion and lip stuff even with the humidity?   I still use lotion but I hardly ever need lip stuff.
How many sisters are in your home?  How far away do the other missionary's live from you? Our house is like a room lol, so it’s only me and my comp that live there and the other missionary’s live in different areas! It’s like I live in PG and Snyder lives in American Fork and the other sisters live in Highland and then other sisters live in Provo basically.
All we know about Sister Vega is she's Latina and from California.  Are her parent's on FB and are you close to her? Yeah Vega’s really cool! We get along super good!
Is there any word on the postal strike over there, have you received anything else yet?  Ugh noooo I’ll probably get your packages in like another year when I finish my mission(; stupid postal strikes.
How many outfits did you get to take with you?  I've only seen pictures with maybe 3 different outfits.  J I'm hoping you have more.Yeah I brought a bunch of different ones of my clothes. I have like 5 skirts and 5 dresses or something I just only take pics with those three I guess haha 
Take some pictures of things that would be normal to people there because I'm sure that they would totally be neat and interesting for us here no matter what it is. Take some of the places you go regularly, like where you email from.  Your plane rides to zone conference if you went back to Iquitos for that, just everything you can. :) And what is the weirdest/yuckiest thing you've eaten.  How's your stomach adjusting?    Zone conf was just here! We never fly to Iquitos unless you get changed there! And my stomach is totally fine now, the food is normal. But I haven’t really eaten anything gross cause Mariesol and Rosio cook good food and that’s the only place we eat at! There was this fruit that was super gross though. It’s called aguaje. idk if that’s how you spell it but its gross.
This week was good though!! But we don’t have very many people who are progressing right now which is super frustrating. So this week we want to find a bunch of new people and we do this by doing a ton a contacting, like on the street or we always talk to our mototaxi guys, and also by visiting our menos activos. (less actives)

Thanksgiving was good though! We had zone conf and Pres Gomez came and spoke to us and the whole thing was about teaching by the spirit, which sounds easy but learning how to teach completely by the spirit is actually super hard, so it was good to hear what he had to say.
On the moto ride over though, the guy driving was singinggggg his heart out. I mean like belting this christian song and I was trying so hard not to bust out laughing.

Every Sunday we have this thing where all the missionaries in Tarapoto meet together and we go and rescue menos activos with the members, its super fun. And it was me and Snyder and a member. But later that night we had a cool experience! Also every Sunday we have a consejo (counsel) and it went pretty late so we only had like an hour left to teach but our appointment scheduled wasn’t home so we were walking around trying to find someone to teach and we decided to go to this menos activos house and we knocked on her door like 5 times but she didn’t answer so we started walking away and then she finally came outside and our lesson was just how if we trust in god he can change our hearts and desires and she just started crying cause she said that she knows that she needs to change and we asked what she thought god wanted from her and she said “He wants her to start attending church again!” So that was really cool.

This week I'm freaking out a little bit cause my comp is "dying" (going home) in 2 weeks and I’m gonna be left alone!! haha but really she’s leaving for a meeting in Iquitos for 2 days this week and I’m gonna be companions with Sister Nelson!! haha so wish me luck in running my area this week(; but when she leaves for real, I won’t have a comp for a whole week because changes aren’t until the week after sooooooo I’ll have to call every day to work with members which could be horrible hahaha ,but really pray for me that we can find a different way!!!!! lol 
k love you!! bye!!!

Hermana Jackson



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