Friday, January 22, 2016

January 18 letter

 I FINALLY GOT YOUR CHRISTMAS PACKAGE and I loved every bit of it!! Your cookies worked perfectly!! They are so yummy!!!!!(: I shared them with some of the missionaries and Elder Foote who is from Idaho who is our district leader says that they’re really good and thanks (; The package was perfect and I was super happy haha and all of the peruvians love Jays necklaces. I gave them to Luzmila, Mariesol and Rocio and my comp. so thank you for everything (:

So my hair has like 3 different colors now its super weird and I’m ok with it haha.  My foot is getting better.  Luzmila has been pouring boiling water on it to kill the bacteria.  That sounds worse that it is, but it has helped.  I’ll be happy to get the medicine you’re sending cause I haven’t been able to do much contacting for a couple days.  It was painful to walk on it.

So just remember all that you have been blessed with and I will to. You are the most amazing person that I know and I can’t think about you and dad without tearing up a little bit and I am just so grateful for you guys and that I got sent to a family where we have been given so many opportunities and blessings and a family that truly loves one another. We have an amazing life and we really should be grateful for everything because I would never ever ever want to live like the people here live. Not just the conditions, but the lack of family unity and importance of living the gospel.  So go take Jaylie and go buy a cupcake at cravings and get a chocolate one for me(; haha  and go clean your feet so you don’t get a flesh eating bacteria like me(; haha just kidding, but I gotta go soon!

But I know that you are just a ray of sunshine to all those who know you mom. Everyone really looks up to you and every time I’m in relief society I think of you teaching and how good your lessons must be(;
Oh and my comp leaves this Thursday and changes are next Tuesday ugh so I’m gonna be alone again!! Hopefully I get to stay with the Nelsons again but Idk cause they are leaving to another area in like a week! Everything will work out though. love you so much!!
Hna Jackson

(I thought I’d better add a little note that her foot IS NOT a flesh eating bacteria, :) just a bad case of athletes foot/infection. Also what a tender mercy it is to have your daughter say such kind things to you or about you and express her gratitude for the things that are truely the most important in life .  Very touching to this momma, and also we got to pick up her broken camera from Sister Nelson who came back home to be with her daughter and new grandbaby for 10 days and there are some great pictures on the sd card. so here are just a few below.)

Out contacting in the rain. :) 

Their Christmas Decorations :)

Christmas lights in Tarapoto

For a girl who is terrified of bugs, I'm shocked that her hand is so
close to this Lacoocarocha  :)

View inside their apartment.

On a mototaxi with Hna's Vega, Snyder and Snyder's comp (sorry I
 can't remember her name)

View from her porch/entry on laundry day.

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