Monday, January 11, 2016

Visit From President Uceda - Area President Over The South American Northeast Area.

Hello family,

I seriously am so blessed to have Tarapoto be the place that I started my mission because Mariesol and Rocio are the best and I love them lots so I wanna tell you a little about them.  Luzmila is the coolest she was actually a menos activo and we just rescued her last change and now she is in the presidency for relief society. She has 5 kids and her husband is a motokarista but he is not a part of the church, I think he is evangelico so that’s a huge problem for them. But she’s hilarious and has a super sarcastic laid back personality. Mariesol is amazing. She has more faith than anyone, she has four kids and her oldest is on a mission in Bolivia. Her husband passed away from cancer about 3 years ago so it’s really sad but she is just so strong in the gospel and it’s so cool. And all of her kids are named after Joseph Smith, Hyrum, and Brigham Young haha and then Rocio is just a super cool mom and I talk the most with her because she is just a sweetheart. She has two little girls and a son and they’re family is awesome!

So this week I hardly worked in my area because my comp was with Synders comp whonwas having work done on her root canals again, and my comp is Hermana leader and has to be there for all the medical stuff.  Anyways we worked in her area and taught one of her investigators!

Good news though! This week we finally got a new investigatora! Her name is Arcely! She is 18 years old and she nannies the kids of one of our members. She is really interested in the gospel and follows up on every commitment that we give her, so we are really excited to see where she goes!!

Something suuuper cool this week though was we had Elder (President) Uceda from the 70 come and talk to us. (He is an area President) One thing that he talked about was how important it is for the latinas to study the scriptures in english because the scriptures in spanish are awesome but they are a translation and there are so many small changes that make a huge difference. He taught us also how to really read the scriptures. To take a verse and analyze it line for line to really get the meaning and to look up definitions of words, just really doing everything you can to fully understand what we’re learning.

This week I’ve been living in LAKE POWELL. Not even kidding I’ve been roasting aliiiiiive. My comp right now is in Iquitos so I stayed with the Hermanas  in Partido Alto and I’ve loved it. Hermana Gurney is from New Jersey and she’s super cool. She didn’t know any Spanish before she came here and now her Spanish is pretty good and she is just a change ahead of me so I love talking to her about the mission cause we both feel the exact same, ha.  

Oh my! So yesterday I went to church with Mariesol because we have to count all the people that we are teaching that come to church, and there was no electricity because the power was out. So it was soooo hot cause none of the fans could work and the microphone was off.  And so president goes and stands up and announces who was going to give a talk and he SAID MY NAME. HERMANA JACKSON VA A DAR UN DISCOURSO POR 5 MINUTOS. hahaha what??  Yeah so I gave like a talk on a scripture about Christ for like 3 minutes.  Apparently what happened was there wasn’t anyone there who had actually been called to give the talk and I was the only missionary there this Sunday and I guess one of the presidency had stopped by our house the night before but I was in the shower and he told this other missionary Hna Inca to tell me I had a talk but SHE NEVER SAID ANYTHING! What ??
Well that’s all for this week, remember, just keep your faith because all things will be made possible through your faith (:

Love you guys, Thanks for everything.

Hna Jackson

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