Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 4th Email

Hey mom what’s uppp? yeah so I need to buy a new camera.... it’s not the battery that’s bad. We went to buy a charger for the battery thinking I had a bag one and they tested it before we bought it and the battery was fully charged so it’s just something to do with the camera. It just won’t turn on. We will look for a new one today. So last p-day I told you about spending the morning with Hna Snyders companion at the dentist for a couple hours before emailing and Snyder and my comp needed to turn in our numbers to the elders and then after that we planned what we wanted to do for p-days as a zone Then me and Hna Ruiz finally went and got lunch at like 4 because we hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and that was really it!!! haha not really much of a p-day.
Hey your new years eve sounds more exciting than ours!! haha I spent mine sleeping (; or at least trying to sleep! It was actually nice.  But our neighbors were blasting dub step music until the early hours of the morning. I could feel the base in my heart just laying in my bed haha.  So on New Year’s we had to be in our house an hour early because everyone is outside drinking!  It was kind of nice to just relax a little haha, my comp called in delivery! I didn’t get anything though cause it was pollo de braso and here it’s like a super yummy meal but it’s just baked chicken to me haha so I didn’t get anything cause I already eat chicken every day of my life here (;   yeah, also everyone here loooooves to dance. And for New Years they all go to dance parties even the ward threw a dance party in the church haha but the Peruvians said it wasn’t very good because they thought the DJ was bad and they ended at 12:30 and I guess they wanted to dance for longer haha but yeah they just celebrate with super loud music and fireworks. But they use fireworks on the daily basis here. All the little kids play with them in the streets haha
So it’s me and Hermana Ruiz and a set of elders that are in the Tarapoto rama (branch).  Elder Nerdin and Elder Jones.  Sunday was fast Sunday and I think the testimony meetings here are really cool.   We have sacrament meeting and then we help with the class of principios which is for all of the new members or investigators. In sacragment meeting we are supposed to bear our testimonies if there’s ever a pause in people but in my rama there never is!! The whole time is taken up by members bearing their testimony one after another and it’s really really cool. And a lot of them are just simple truths not elaborate stories or anything but really sincerely what they know to be true. It’s awesome! And this week in church we had 130 people!! La capilla (the Chapel) was soooo full!!! And this week we fasted for our less actives and a lot of those we have been working with attended this week! Even some that we didn’t think would even come. Like this guy who lives way up above Tarapoto. He was baptized in Partido alto which is the other rama but his papers are now in our ward and he hasn’t wanted to come because he doesn’t know anyone and he’s been saying he will come for the last 3 weeks but doesn’t show up every time! And yesterday HE FINALLY ATTENDED WITH HIS SON!!!
And guess what?  Hermana Gomez is finally going to bring my Christmas package this week so I’ll get the stuff that you sent!!  It’s been at the mission home for a month. 
Well I gotta go, thanks for everything you do and if I find a new camera today I’ll have Luzmilla let you know okay!  Love you so much Mom!

Hna Jackson

* No pictures - her camera is officially toast and she wasn't able to find any worth buying so we will be sending a new one back with Sister Nelson who is coming to Utah this month to spend a week with a daughter, new grandson and her family.  

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