Monday, March 7, 2016

Last Week Of Third Transfer

So the photo that you probably saw on FB was in the Tarapoto branch!! I love that place so much. We had a blitz there on Saturday so I was able to see all of my old people!! And he, Brother Calderon is one of the leaders in the branch Tarapoto! I still haven’t gotten my comp, we won’t know until tonight!!! They just call us at night at like 9 if we have changes and if we don’t have changes then nothing happens. But they only tell us where we are going, they don’t tell us who our comps are until we leave… ugh I don’t like it, I wish they told us both.

I feel like I’m leaving Tarapoto though... sad): I really do love it here; I could spend my whole mission in this place and not be upset. :)
Last Monday we went to the water fall and it was seriously soooo pretty!! I’ll send you photos! Everything is vibrant green and jungley!
On Tuesday we had the baptism for Hermana Miriam!! She has been waiting so long for this day!! There were actually a lot of members that came, and we baptized her at 8 at night. yay my first baptism!(: but if I’m still here this change I’ll have two more in this month!!

So my comp was supposed to leave on Wednesday, so the whole morning we spent getting her things ready, and then we go with all of our luggage to our pensionistas house and the zone leaders call us and say that they changed her flight and she’s not leaving until TOMORROW! So then we had to pack up our stuff OTRA VEZ (again)to our casa. haha but it was good to have her for one more day. We ended on a really good note. This change definitely had its super hard moments but I’m really actually grateful for the opportunity that I had to be with Tinta. She was a little nutty, (; but I learned a lot of things from her that I needed to apply for the rest of my mission.
Everything in life has a purpose, you just have to search for those reasons and how it’s supposed to shape you to the person you need to be or point you in the direction you need to go.

So anyways I’m alone again. As always (; LISTEN I’ve literally been without a comp for 21 days of my mission hahaha THATS ALMOST A WHOLE MONTH. This week I called a bunch of different members to help me go out and teach. On Saturday literally no one could help me though; I called like 10000 people and NOBODY.  So I worked with the girls in Morales, Hermana Callaconda and Hermana Valesque all day. And that kinda stunk cause I wanted to be with my people, but at the same time it’s cool to see how other people work. 

Yesterday in church I had like no one come. And the night before I called all of them and they said they would); but Alan and Diana were really sick!! I passed by their house yesterday and they had the throwups. Also Fernando didn’t feel good either so he wasn’t there. ALSO Maria del Carmen wasn’t there and I have no idea why she wasn’t because I talked to her on Friday and she said that she was so excited to come and she is going to bring her sobrinas (nieces) with her who aren’t members! Ugh. But its fine, hopefully next week.

Anyways on Friday I worked with Ibone, she is a member of like 20 years and she is the lady who washes our clothes. She’s a little older but her personality is literally crazy hahaha she’s so funny. But all of our clothes always smell like a little old lady. Haha ;) anyways she was with me allll day and our last lesson of the day was BAMBA. we were teaching the husband of a less active who isn’t a member and he was totally talking to us all normal about the gospel and it didn’t seem like anything was wrong only that he was talking a looooot more than usual and so we ended the lesson and I went to shake his hand and then just smelled the alcohol coming from him ahhhh I taught a drunk guy ugh. I was so annoyed haha but yeah. I’m actually really nervous to see where I’m going this change!!! I’m sure you’ll find out before I can talk to you next week with all the members posting stuff (:



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