Monday, March 14, 2016

Cambios! Now serving right in Iquitos!

Hahaha I knew Luzmilla would send you something!! (Face book post)
So that week I had been staying with the girls from Morales but the last night me and Snyder wanted to have a ¨sleepover¨ haha so she came and picked me up and took me back to their house. One minute after I walked in the door of Luzmilla’s house my phone rang and it was a number that I didn’t have saved, so I knew that I had changes. I picked up the phone and it was the new assistant, Elder Johnny, and he said "Hermana Jackson, You have cambios!"
So now I am in Iquitos and yes it is hotter here, not really Hotter hotter but it’s a lot more humid.(: But it’s not too huge of a difference though, so that’s good. I am in the zone Punchana. My area is called Calvero and it is sooooo tiny especially compared to my last area in Tarapoto. And this area is all in the city and there’s not any dirt roads so that’s another plus. What stinks though is there isn’t any fruit, everything they do have is shipped into Iquitos so it’s super expensive and in Tarapoto I ate fruit everyday! Also there isn’t any cheese here haha, the food is kind of terrible but oh well. I’m just really missing Chinese food and your homemade bread but its all fine (;
My new comp is Hermana Laura. She is from La Paz Bolivia. But she’s really cool and I’m excited for this change. We have one progressing investigator and her name is Marcela. She is really cute and a single mother with 2 kids. This area has a tonnn of converses (converts). In my other areas we had like zero so its super different working with them and I like teaching them. There is the cutest older guy who is a convert and his name is Felix and oooooh my goodness I just love him. He’s just the sweetest little guy ever! I’ll have to take a picture of him and send it to you next week! But these computers here are terrible so we will see how sending pics goes!
One thing that is cool here is that they have a family history center in the mission home. We took a convert there last night and she found three names to take to the temple.
Anyways it’s cool to be in a new place but I really do miss Tarapoto. I don’t think there’s ever gonna be a zone quite like the one I had there. I was super super blessed with all those people and with the Nelsons and to be in Tarapoto for as long as I was, seriously everyone here in Iquitos wants to leave and go to Tarapoto haha. And the sad thing is that there is no time to say goodbye to anyone when you get changes!! They call you the night before and then you have the morning to pack and then you hop on the plane for Iquitos at 2 p.m.  
Rosio, my old pensionista and her hubby, Luzmilla and a lady from my ward who I forgot her name, and my pensionista Erika from the Aeropuerto area along with her daughter Deniy came and said goodbye to me at the airport.. ):
 I miss them. But I have a new adventure here so its fine!!! And this area is actually a ward so that’s really cool too!
Well thanks for everything, love you!

Hermana Jackson

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