Monday, March 28, 2016

Semana Santa

So first of all we weren’t able to go to the zoo last week because it was out of our zone boundaries and our district leader didn’t get permission to leave, ugh. So we just ended up going to a place called Rustica and ordered pizza. And then we didn’t make lasagna with our convert because I ended up doing an intercambio with Hermana Willis that day!
OH MY GOSH!!!!! MASON WELLS. That is insane!!! He is such an awesome guy!! I can’t believe that, that’s so scary. AHHH I really hope he recovers soon! I had heard about the terrorist attacks here in the mish but I heard that there had been three missionaries that had passed away, so I’m glad that you told me what actually happened.  Just like the bombings in Paris last fall, we were told that you guys were at war so I’m glad you remembered that we don’t get to accurate of info about the world. 
Awwww I was totally thinking of Aunt Janet’s on Easter and that I wanted to go to the Easter hunt hahaha that’s always been my fav. I bet Dad was happy to have a day off to, even if you didn’t make it up there. 
So last Monday after we went and got pizza, we went and shopped in Belen!! That place that you always hear/read about in Iquitos. It’s like an outdoor market and its huuuuuuge and its actually pretty sketchy, like black market ! But there’s some other cool stuff there to so I’ll probably go back today to get you some of the cool stuff(;. Later that night we had a family home evening that was super awesome! We watched the video about The Gardener.. I think it’s by Elder Christianson but it’s pretty and has an amazing meaning, so you should watch it!
Tuesday we taught our investigator Maria. She’s a middle aged woman whose husband passed away years ago and she has been both mom and dad to her kids as well as to her grandkids now, because their Dad just passed away and the mom is always working. She is really accepting the gospel though!! We taught her dia de reposo (resting day) and she said she had no idea that it was a commandment to keep the Sabbath holy and not work. So she said that from now on she wouldn’t work on Sundays!! But guess what, this Sunday she didn’t even come to church.... she said later that it was because her son is in motocross and they went to watch his race hahaha but next week for sure!
On Friday morning we taught one of the converts named Leonzio. He is an old guy with one leg and he’s a little crazy hahahaha.  He told us that he wants to marry a 28 year old because all the women his age are boring hahaha , what?  But he’s been married like 3 times already. Anyways, we taught him and left and when we got home I realized I had taken his remote for his tv!!! hahahaha because when we got there he was watching bible videos because it’s the Semana Santa here and I had turned the volume down so we could talk and I forgot I had put it in my bag... he said he had a war with his sister about where she put the remote. opps(; also that day we went and ate with another one of our converts Cintia. She put on this fund raiser thing and it was in another member’s house and the member there just talked to us allll about his mission,  because he served in Bolivia where my comp was from!! He’s a super awesome guy! Then later that day I had changes with Willis we went to her area. It is like what you see in the Iquitos pics!! It’s all the houses on stilts and plywood above water! It’s just as sketchy as it sounds. haha and when the water gets super high they just throw another layer of plywood over their floor. Its super crazy. 
Me and my comp gave Willis a reference and I was able to contact them with Willis! It was a family who lives in the swamps and the Dad is blind, but they loooove God. They told us that one time he had fasted for 7 days... nuts. But I feel like they are really going to progress because they are very accepting!
My comp has been sick with a bad cold this whole week so that’s been kind of hard because we haven’t been working very much or having the desire. But I did get to see women’s conference!! All the Americans were able to watch it in English and I was so happy. I absolutely loved it, it went by way too quick!! The whole message was about service and how we have a divine opportunity to help others(: 
Anyways love you much!! Hermana Jackson
Sorry no pictures again.  This time I didn't have my cord to connect my camera to the computer. 

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