Monday, March 21, 2016

Iquitos Week #3

 First of all I hope that you and Jay had amazingggg birthdays!!! Even though I’m in the mish I still think about my fam everyday so don’t even think that I forgot the birthdays (;

So this week I’m still just trying to get to know my area. That’s the bad thing about changes, when you move into an area with someone who already knows everything and all the people, it doesn’t feel like your area. It just feels like your visiting! So that’s where I’m at right now. Just still trying to convince myself that Tarapoto isn’t my area anymore and that Iquitos is my new guy(;
My favorite person to teach is an old guy Felix. I told you about him last week but he seriously is the sweetest. Me and my comp made a card for you and Jaylie's bday’s and took a picture with Felix (: he told me that when he was like thirty he was in the marines and he got bit by a mosquito and it affected his cerebrum and so ever since then he has tremors and his hand shakes so he hasn’t been able to work): but he’s so cute and humble and whenever we visit him he always buys us Inka cola and a little package of crackers.
One day I wasn’t feeling really good and one of our menos activas that we are teaching could tell, so she proceeded to give me a whole back and head massage. ahhh it felt so good and I was so so thankful because afterwards I felt a million times better. But she didn’t have any menthol and so she poured her cologne all over my head. hahaha but it did the trick so I’m not upset(;
Our investigator Marcela is progressing! At first she was doing anything, reading her scriptures or praying. So one lesson we decided to end the lesson with everyone praying together and to have her ask her heavenly father right then and there if the church was true and she started crying mid prayer, it was a way spiritual experience! And the next visit with her she told us that she prayed to see if she should be baptized and she said that she had had a dream that night that she was on the right path! The people here receive revelation through dreams... dreams area HUGE here to them in South America/Peru.
For a service project on Wednesday we helped another one of our investigators. Her name is Jacqueline and she is really cool! We cleaned her house and made her lunch while she was at work! Her story is that she is a single mother and her only son just passed away in the beginning of January. It was during carnival here which is like a bunch of water games and stuff in Peru and he fell out of a second story window...really sad. But we are working with her and we will see if she progresses (: 

So this pday we are going to the zoo!!! Last pday we just played volleyball! I don’t know if I told you about our house yet. It is above a little bread store that is run by Advantistas and they are really nice! Our house has two rooms and we have a bunk bed to sleep in... idk if I already told you about my bed either but it’s  pretty scary, like it’s going to collapse if you even move your foot haha . but I’m in the top bunk sooooo(: The bathroom is pretty nice, but there’s just a curtain for the door and there is only cold water but it feels good so it’s not a problem.
Anyways I love you guys lots!!
Hermana Jackson
Also, the computers here are soooo slow that idk about sending photos, it’s having a hard time downloading any!!

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