Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Almost time for changes again, What??

Hellllo(: This week we had some cool experiences!! This change has literally gone by so quickly!! Next week we have changes again!!! But I think I will stay with my comp for one more change, even though she has already been here for four months, I feel like we have a little more work to do together in this area! I loooove my comp. I can truly say that she is one of my besties. This is one thing that I truly love about my mish, is that I get to have best friends from all over the world.

Last Monday we taught Felix! We had a family home evening in his casa, and other people were supposed to show up but it ended up just being us and a member named Alonso. Alonso is 22 and he is preparing to put in his papers for his mission! He always comes out with us to teach people and he is super cool! The other week he gave me and my comp bracelets with our names on them, the people here are suuuper giving. Like another convert that we have, has already given me a shirt and a dress but like they’re not exactly garment worthy so.... it’s the thought that counts(; anyways!!! The FHE was just us four and we watched the restoration of Joseph Smith, the movie that’s like 20 minutes, and during the part where Joseph is praying to heavenly father in the sacred grove, I felt the spirit so immensely strong. After the video we started talking to Felix and he had tears in his eyes and said he felt the spirit really strong all through his arms and body. The mission has truly made me have a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that he sacrificed so much to restore Christ’s church on the earth again. He is truly an amazing man and I am so grateful for his example of faith and diligence.

The other experience that we had was on Saturday! My comp has been wanting to change houses so we have been looking around our area but there is literally nothing, but we contacted a lady one day who had a room available. The room was wayyyy too small but we asked her if we could visit her! So we came back the next day and taught her with a video that the church released this month about the resurrection of Christ. Well at the end of the lesson I invited her to pray because she told us that she is passing through really hard times with her health and feels alone. So we told her that God always listens and she can turn to him, and she told us that her mom had told her just that day that she needed to pray but Milena (that’s her name) didn’t know how! So we taught her very simply how to pray, and as she began to say her prayer, she started to cry and cry and her prayer was sooo sincere and she said that it wasn’t a coincidence that we came to her house and that God had sent us to her. Her prayer made me tear up! I love spiritual experiences like this, it’s truly what makes the mission worth it is seeing the change and progression in others.

So this week our investigator - M - was taken to the hospital. It was a very difficult situation and I won’t share the personal details but I love this lady and she is doing better and she returned from the hospital that same day.
She will need some ongoing treatment, so please please keep her in your prayers!!!

I love you all so much!!!!

Hermana Jackson

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