Monday, April 25, 2016

April 18th

Hey guys!! 

Marcela is a lot better!! She is getting help and hopefully will improve from there, it’s really up to her but we are helping as well. I don’t know if I already told you but I had the biggest impression to look up a talk from Elder Holland about depression that he gave in conference 2 years ago and we read it with her and it was a really awesome experience! This talk is super good and it talks about how we can overcome things and receive help through faith in the savior and through priesthood blessings.

So I sent your package! I dropped it off at the offices and the courier services that you send pkgs to us with will pick it up and then you should get it soon!!
Awww,  Wyat is getting so dang big and smart!!! He is gonna be such a big boy when I finally get to love on him again (: same with baby Dax, awww I miss those little munchkins and I can’t wait to get to know and love on Zoe to !!

This week was good! We had a couple cool experiences that I’ll share with you super quick!!
One day we were going from place to place and no one was in their houses and I felt like we should pray to find an opportunity to find someone. So we stood on the side of the street and prayed to be inspired to find someone to help or to teach. Well after the prayer we started walking on the street and I felt like we should turn back and go back to the street that we were just on and contact a couple that was sitting outside of their house. Well we went back and contacted this couple and they turned out to not be what we had hoped and didn’t want anything to do with us haha so we kept walking and I felt a little bad and didn’t quite understand why I had had the feeling to go back on this street. Well we kept walking and about a minute later we ran into a member we knew that is a returned missionary and the first thing that he told us was that he had been thinking about us and that he has a reference for us of one of his friends that lives in our area!!! So we went with him and contacted his friend and now we are going to teach him tomorrow !! (: so crazy how the lord works isn’t it?

This week it has been raining a lot!! Which I love, but when it rains on Sundays NOBODY COMES TO CHURCH. It’s so annoying!! So we didn’t have any investigators in church but we are actually teaching a lot of new people. One of our investigators accepted a date to be baptized! Her name is Janet (: but she hasn’t attended church yet so we still have a lot to teach her!
Anyways I love you lots and things are good here (: today is changes but I’m definitely staying here. they say the people in this area never leave!!! Haha , I feel like my comp will stay too,  but we will see!!

Hermana Jackson

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