Monday, April 25, 2016

P-day to the Zoo / Lake


Well last Monday we went to a zoo type place that has a beach inside of it at a big lake haha and there was a monkey that was free out of his cage and he was our friend. At first we didn’t have any food so we were just giving them our pass along cards haha but then we went and bought chifles which are like banana chips and we fed it coca cola too. Haha.  The monkey did give me a kiss though!!! It was super cute, no worries it wasn’t on the mouth just on my arm(; and the two ladies that were with us are my pensionista and her mom.  The younger lady is my pensionista, Mariela and Edith Rojas.  Hna Snyder wrote me and said that she was in Moyobamba!!! She’s super excited and I’m super happy for her. Moyo is like the sacred land of our mission because it’s a lot more fresh and cool there. 

My area is really small and it’s really hard to make street contact because there’s not a ton of people out and if there are people usually they are drinking!!! So during the middle of the week we had only made like 25 contacts which is horrible, so we decided to knock doors, and the first door that we knocked on the lady, whose name is Jessica, straight away told us to come in and we were able to share a quick message with her, then we taught her again yesterday and she is really cool and really smart. She wants to learn a lot more about our church but she still doesn’t want to come to church because she is catholic and also has to tend her brothers kids alllll the time and doesn’t know how she can make time to visit on Sunday! But we are going to work with her lots in the next week.

A bunch of people in my ward have had things stolen this week! Felix had his moto battery stolen and Hermana Luz was robbed from her bodega (cellar) ): and yesterday somebody stole a brand new bible out of the bishops office. Iquitos is really crazy.

We were teaching Janet again, one of our investigators and after asking her to be baptized for like the 3rd time, when she knows it’s true (and because we usually invite in every lesson) she told us that SHE HAD BEEN BAPTIZED IN THE CHURCH WHEN SHE WAS 14. Like what ????  hahahahaha idk it would have been nice to mention to us that she was member already hahaha but we have to search her registro and see if we have her records. But that was definitely a surprise!! Well until next week.
Love you!!

Hermana Jackson

                                                    With Hna Lara - Rainy Pday at the lake

                                      Giving a pass along card to a very interested investigator :)

                                    Sharing a little coca cola and banana chips with her new friend

                                       Just a little lovin from the new friend :)  Got a kiss on the arm.

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