Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Conference Weekend

Hey mom!! Conference was so awesome!!! Now that I actually want to listen, ;) conference goes by wayyy to fast (; haha but I loved Elder Holland’s talk, he is always so amazing! That one was probably my favorite and I want everyone to see/listen to it or read it because it’s so true!! Tomorrow comes and it’s like we forget how good we felt today.

Nothing big really happened this week. We didn’t work as hard and I can feel a difference, it has been hard on me a little bit.   My last comp was so strictly obedient and then this one is so opposite. I feel like together we have just been much to laid back and it’s not very good, but I promised heavenly father that I would work harder this week
Last week I got a blessing for the first time on my mission because I just felt
without any drive to work and that helped me.

One cool thing that happened this week was that we found a less active
while going to teach one of our other less actives that wasn’t home. This guy moved to Iquitos 6 months ago from Chiclayo. All of his 3 children and the lady that is his kids mother live there but he separated from her (weren’t married) like a year ago. We have taught him twice now and he is progressing so much!! He was baptized when he was 14 but after his baptism he never was faithful in the church and shortly after became less active. Now he is reading the scriptures everyday and telling us what he has learned and how he is going to apply it in his life even before we can ask him if he has been reading! His name is Nicanor (:

love you mom!

Hermana Jackson

                                 Birthday Card she & Hna Lara made for me and Jaylie's bday's -
                                                               w/Felix the investigator.

                                               She got to see Hna Inca from Tarapoto area

                                               Splits with Hna Willes -  In Hna Willes' area

                                  Not sure who Hna Jackson & Hna Lara are with in this one.

                                            With her companion Hna Lara - from Bolivia

Old abandoned tour boat on the amazon

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