Tuesday, June 14, 2016

So I’m doing good! This week was really crazy! On Monday we had a family home evening with one of our investigators and we taught about Nephi and the first couple chapters in the book of Mormon. We watched the little animated version of it and it was pretty fun(: but right as we got home, we received a call from president! And he told Hermana Lara that she had emergency changes to Moyobamba because of her eyes!! The sun here is really damaging and her eyes were getting worse, we kind of expected this but when he called, we couldn’t really believe it!!! So the next day she was on a plane to Moyo!

So now I have a new companion. She was just barely with Hermana Snyder!!! Her name is Hermana Mucha and she is from Lima. These first couple days I’ve just been trying to teach her the area a little bit and we were able to find some new people to teach in the process! I feel really motivated because I feel a lot more responsibility with my area since I’m directing it. But I am super worried to because this girl has had problems with every comp she has ever been with and it sounded like she is like another Hna T. When she was with her other comps they would tell president that she should go home because she is verbally abusive and all the missionaries were just telling me to prepare myself and when things are bad with her to tell myself that I’m not crazy.... ahhhhhhh. BUT !! I feel like she has changed and I really see how the power of repentance has helped her, but we haven’t really had problems except that she doesn’t like the house me and Lara were going to move into hahaha and the lady built a wall basically for us to separate us from the other people and so my comp wants to move into a different house that’s SMALLER than what we already have and ugh. But this is the only small problem we have had.

Something suuuper awkward that freaked me out happened on Friday though. Our last visit of the day was with one of our converts! Well we said the prayer and my convert was saying goodbye to Hermana Luz and I went to give the convert a handshake when he put his BOM in front of my face and there hidden between the pages was a piece of paper that he had written on in English. It said he wants to wait for me until I finish my mission because he feels like he’s in love with me and wants to know how I feel.. hahahahahahaha, YIKES!   WELL…. I was suuuuper stunned so I didn’t really say anything and then my comp just grabbed my arm and we hurried and walked out. Hahaha, well all night I couldn’t sleep cause I didn’t wanna see this guy in sacrament the next day!!! So in the morning I ended up calling president and telling him what happened and he just told me not to talk to him. So that’s what I did!!! Nothing happened but I feel like I might be having an emergency change too!! We´ll see(:

But other than that, church was cool though because we had 180 people there and we usually only have 140, And a bunch of the extra people were our investigators who came!!!

One thing that I’ve been learning more about this week, is what the atonement really is and how to apply it. We know of the cleansing power of the atonement but often we forget of its poder de Fortaleza (power and strength). There’s a scripture in 1 Nephi 7:17 I think, its a prayer that Nephi gives when his brothers bind him. And in his prayer he doesn’t ask god to release him this instant from his situation. but he asked for strength to CHANGE his situation. Christ didn’t suffer so that he could take away our problems; but that he could help carry them until those circumstances that we are in, change. I really loved looking at the Atonement from this perspective!

Love you!!
Hermana Jackson

*This is Kaitlyn’s mom - A few minutes after she had sent her last email I received this email below. 

Oh my goodness!! You are NOT going to believe what just happened!!! That little girl that took my camera just came in the same time that I was about to leave from here!!! And the clerk guy asked her if she had taken my camera and she said yes!!!! And she says that she still has the camera at her house but I don’t know if that’s really true. We are going to go with her to her house right now.  She said she hadn’t erased anything on the sd card so there’s a chance that I can get it back!!!! I’ll try to update you on what happens by calling the offices and telling them to write you, okay? but I love you lots and wish me luck!

*This was a little scary to me, I was wondering if the girl was part of a theft ring situation or something (I bet that each of you mom’s possibly Dad’s had a similar thought as you read it) and she was being lead back to a bad sketchy situation somewhere.  After almost three hours I emailed the mission offices and asked Elder Marriott (from AZ) if he could call her mission phone and just make sure everything was ok.  I shared a short version of her camera being stolen story.  About an hour later he emailed back that he had talked to her, she was ok and she had her camera!  She was charging it and would send word back with Elder Marriott if I still needed to send the replacement camera or not.  I got another email from Elder Marriott that her camera was just fine and so was ALL of her pictures and she was very happy!! 
Tender mercy’s huh?

                        Some recent pictures I found on Hna Woods Blog that had Kaitlyn in them.   
              President and  Sister Gomez took these two zones out to dinner after their last zone
                                         conference before their mission ends the end of June.  

                           Hna Wood, Hna Jackson and Hna Willes who Kaitlyn has done splits
                                                                    with in the stilt house area.

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