Monday, June 6, 2016

No Changes!

So surprise! I´m still here in Iquitos with Hermana Lara! We didn´t
have changes, actually hardly anyone in our zone had changes. It’s
crazy because a lot of the missionaries in this zone have been here
for 5 changes, or since December! That´s a ton of time! This next
change in July should be super interesting though because we are going
to have a new president by that time! President Gomez leaves on the 28th of June and our new president is President Li from Lima! Also we haven’t moved

houses yet!! They changed the contract because she had to construct a
wall to close our rooms off from the others that she is going to rent
out.. so we will be moving in on the 15th!

Last Monday we didn’t do anything too special! But we did go looking
for a new skirt at one of the stores in Belen. Belen is where everyone
goes to buy cheap stuff.  Its basically the black market haha but the
lady in the store was trying soooo hard to get me to buy a skirt and
she made me try on like 3 different ones so I would just put them over the
skirt that I was already wearing and the lady just walked in my
dressing room and was like k what? that’s not how you try on clothes!
And she just started laughing like uncontrollably at me.. haha I told
her I didn’t like the skirts and left(;
That night we had another FHE in the house of Hermana Felix! We invited our investigator Shantal again and another kid from our ward that got home from his mission in Bolivia a couple months ago. We talked about faith! Then we waited all night for a call from the assistants for changes but it never came! So
another change here together in Clavero! The Lord still has something
for us to learn.

On Thursday we did splits with another companionship in our area. All
of the leaders were here in Iquitos for their monthly leadership
meeting that’s at the beginning of each month, so the two Hermana leaders
from Pucallpa came and helped us in our area that night! I was with
Hermana Soto, she is from Chile and she has a suuuper different
accent! I don’t know how Jayden understood the Chileans!!(; no, but it
was a super cool night and we contacted a lady on the street who
immediately grabbed seats for us and we shared a short lesson with
her, but she had the prettiest picture of Christ hanging on her wall!
It was of him smiling, and I absolutely love art of our savior that
shows him smiling. This lady is really really sick though and has to
go to the hospital every week to get her blood taken out and put back
in.. im not sure what sickness that is! (Kidney failure with dialysis?) But she has a lot of faith in Christ and I am excited to teach her.

Another lesson that we had this week was with one of our less actives
Nicole. She has a lot of problems with her father, to the point that
she doesn’t really consider him as her father, so this night we talked
about forgiveness and the power of repentance. Repentance and
Forgiveness go hand in hand. She asked me how she could forgive a
person who has not stopped the action for what she would be forgiving,
and what came to my mind was the Savior, when he was on the cross
ready to give his life so that we could have ours, and the wicked
people were still cursing him and persecuting him with their words,
and he looked to heaven and asked God to Forgive them for they know
not what they do. The Savior gave his example to us; we should find
the strength through him to forgive others.

Anyways things are good here. I’m really beginning to see how amazing
this work really is and how it is not at all about me, but how it is
truly the Lords. I love you guys lots!!

Hermana Jackson

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