Monday, June 27, 2016

Well the companionship is doing fine, I’m definitely learning patience and quite a bit more about this attribute in and of Christ. (; Our new Pres doesn’t come until the 28!! which is tomorrow.  Today for our activity we are having a FHE with all of the mission. All the zones in Iquitos will be together and then all the rest will join in over skype. it’s a surprise for Pres and Sister Gomez and the assistants put everything together and they have no idea that we are having this activity for them so it should be pretty cool.

This last lunes (Monday) we had a birthday party for our Hermana leader, Hermana Cantos. We went to a members house in another ward and she had made cake,  jello and popcorn and we watched the movie Ephraims rescue! The tradition here for bdays is to crack an egg on your head.. well the member gave my comp the egg to crack on Hermana Cantos head and while we were taking pictures, all the sudden we hear a loud CLONK hahahahaha and everyone was just so stunned because no one knew what was gonna happen. The tradition is to crack the egg on the top of your head but beforehand you have to crack the egg a little bit so it doesn’t destroy you but my comp forgot to crack the egg beforehand and the egg splattered super hard against her poor head hahahaha.  Hermana Willes said Hermana Cantos had a headache for the rest of the day.

On Tuesday we had a district meeting and one of our zone leaders who gave us the lesson told us to close our eyes and imagine that someone anonymously gave us a letter. And in this letter at the very top says DEAR ME. He said to imagine that we just received this letter that we wrote to ourselves from the pre earth life. When we were so willing and ready to follow Gods plan, we wrote ourselves what we hoped we would become and how we would be faithful in showing Christ that we would and will follow him. He told us to imagine what is written in this letter and compare it to how we are living now, if who we were before this life would be happy with who we are becoming here and what we are doing with the time that god has given us. I really loved this!

Wednesday I had 9 months in the mission!!! We had a service project with the whole zone. We helped one of the converts in our ward tear apart her house. She lives in the swamps and tore down half of her plywood house because she wants to rebuild it before the waters come again. Then we had another service project just a street away and this project was super funny. Basically we carried big clumps of muddy clay back and forth through an old guys house, because they use the clay for floors! I was carrying a huge piece of clay to one of the back rooms and was about to enter into the room when Elder Plaza told me to just through the clay over the wall into the room, well he is my zone leader so I did what he said(; BUT Elder Ridick was on the other side and the huge piece of clay landed right on top of him... hahahahaha I felt so bad!!! but it was super funny. After the service project we had lunch and Hermano Wagner made us tacos and I was so happy because I haven’t eaten tacos in 9 months haha

Yesterday we visited Milagros and she said that she can see a difference in their home. Her and her two kids are reading the bom together and saying their prayers together and she said that even her father who is catholic can see this difference in her family. I love how the gospel changes people!

Anyways love you guys!

Hermana Jackson

                                             Trying to burn a gifted dress for her 9 month mark.

                                                            Pday night on their balcony

                Making Juanes (Chicken, Rice, eggs and olives wrapped in a large leaf) to eat
         for the celebration of San Juan el Bautista or John the Baptist held on June 23 each year.

Mission Peru Iquitos Soccer outfit with rain boots :)

                                                                          9 mth mark

With companion Hna Mucha

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