Monday, June 20, 2016

Still In Iquitos

FIRST OF ALL. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY! I hope you had a good one and I really think it's pretty unfair that we don't get to call you but just know that I was thinking about you lots and truly am grateful for your great example in my life. 

So yeah I got my camera back hahaha,  ahh what a miracle. I was super frustrated though because my comp wanted to wait until the next day to get the camera back, she wanted the little girl to bring it to the internet shop but I was pretty convinced that my camera would be sold to some Peruvian by then(; So yeah we just followed her to her house and got it back! When she first gave it to me I thought for sure that it was broken but it was just because they had put the battery in backwards!! Apparently the camera died right after she had taken it home so they weren't able to do much with it.. thank you heavenly father for not letting little Peruvian girls ruin my selfies(; haha, but Elder Marriott did call me and said that he received an email from you and that it sounded pretty sketchy to them to and so they were just making sure that nothing happened. Thanks for checking up on me Mommm even from 21542513574654 miles away haha 

The pictures from Hermana Wood are from a conference that we just recently had! It was for all of the converts that had been converted during the time that they had served here in Iquitos. It was pretty cool to see the chapel clear full of humble people who recently accepted the fullness of the gospel that their savior offers them. 

This week for a FHE we taught some members who were going through a super rough time. We taught them about the principle of faith, and  how faith leads to action. We taught them that if we want to make our relationships in our families better, then we have to turn to the Lord and let him fix what feels broken. I read a talk the other day that said the key to making better our relationships with the family, is reading the scriptures together, praying together, having FHE each week, and attending the temple. It´s been a week since we have taught them and you can just tell the difference! The week before we taught a teary torn apart family, and this week we taught a family who has a goal to attend the temple to be sealed for the eternity in Agosto. (:  

Right now we have some pretty cool investigators. We are teaching a mom named Milagros and she has 2 kids, Juanita and Christian. Her kids are seriously so awesome and they love reading their bom! Christian is so excited to tell us in every visit that he prayed 3 TIMES haha and that it's the same feeling of tranquilidad each time. Their dad is off working in a different part of Peru though, so we can't teach the whole fam, but I'm excited to see their progress!! 

On Saturday we had 9 lessons which is a ton for one day. In the morning we decided to contact this lady who was sitting in her house all alone.. well ends up that missionaries had taught her and her husband 16 years ago and that they had assisted a ton but when those elders left nobody else came to visit them and they stopped coming to church. So today we are going to teach her with her husband, and they are both really excited to visit with us again. 

Oh I forgot to tell you that some gringo grandpa won the elections for president here hahaha they had elections on Sunday and if you remember it's against the law to hold any other kind of service because everyone has to vote, so we didn't go to church, just worked all day.  

So yeah I'm still in Iquitos... idk why I haven't been changed, but we did pass Cesar to the elders to visit so I don't have to see him 
Me and my comp haven't had any big problems  hahahaha I have to try with all my heart to be patient because sometimes I really don't feel like I want to be.  

But I'm doing good and learning lots. Thanks for everything(: 
Love you, 
Hermana Jackson  

I'll try to download my pictures next week!!! or if I can maybe do it with my pensionista. 

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