Monday, August 8, 2016

Hey guys(:

I’m just gonna dive right in haha.. This week we taught Liselet! Victor was in a little pueblo outside of Nauta, it’s a city about 2 hours outside of Iquitos and the pueblo is hours outside of Nauta! But we taught Liselet baptism! For these past few weeks of extending a baptism invitation she’s always been super cold and said that maybe later she´ll have a desire, but after we taught her, she said she finally understood and that she wants to be baptized (: FINALLY SOMEONE IN THIS AREA WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED(; but the problem is that they are planning on moving to this little pueblo!!! we think that Victor just wants to leave to avoid getting married because it was super random that he was just like "yep we are moving".. and if they move then there’s no way that they will be able to have the blessings of the gospel in their life because there isn’t any missionaries in this little pueblo yet!!! ugh. we´re gonna try to talk to them tonight or tomorrow though about staying here!!

We had the coolest experience yesterday! One of our citas (appointments) fell through and we were just walking along the road not really sure where we should go.. This week and last week a ton of our citas have fallen through!!! We told our DL last night about it and he told us that there are 2 reasons that citas dont work out. 1 because God needs you to visit a member  and 2 because God needs you to contact someone that he´s been preparing.
Well we decided to visit Vicki Vela who is a less active that hasn’t progressed the whole time that I’ve been in this area. We got to her house the same time she was returning home from an interview with the stake pres. We sat down and started talking about el dia de reposo (the Sabbath day), she told us how alllll of this week God had been sending her signs and people to remind her what she SHOULD be doing. What she KNOWS is right and what she needs to CHANGE. She started crying and said that now she understands, and feels so sorry for ever working on Sunday and deciding not to attend church because of what has happened between her and other members, and for not listening to those promptings sooner. She thanked us for coming at exactly the right time that she needed us. And she said that she wants to start over. As missionaries one of the coolest things that we get to do is promise people blessings! I was able to promise her that if she was to follow Christ’s example, by keeping the commandments and keeping the Sabbath day holy, then her and her family would be able to have the funds to attend the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity! Super cool(:

This week we also had interviews with pres and room checks!! My comp and I were up until like 1 in the morning cleaning our place cause its super ugly and super hard to clean hahaha but we passed with flyyyying colors, so no worries. We have also managed to keep it clean so that’s a plus... I’m excited to get home to test out how long I can keep my room clean now (;

Today we are going to that zoo with all the monkeys again so ill probably have photos of more monkeys next week (; Everything is really good here though and me and my comp are super happy haha she’s way cool and we´re a lot alike.

Love ya!

Hermana Jackson

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