Monday, August 1, 2016

Hey mom! This week was pretty cool! We reached almost all of our goals for the week and it´s because we are starting to plan in a different way each night for the next day!

This week we taught a guy named Juan Carlos. We were walking down the street and we saw one of the members in the street and went to talk to him! Then we asked him if he knew anyone around there that we could go and visit and he told us his friend that he was about to go and visit! So we went to his house and talked to his friend Juan and got an appt for the next day. We´ve taught him twice this week and he’s pretty cool! He says he feels really good talking about God and looks forward to our visits. Our last visit was awesome because we talked about prayer, he told us that he was a part of some other church but hasn’t attended in 9 years and he told us that it’s also been 9 years since he has said a PRAYER. So crazy! So at the end of the lesson we asked him to give the closing prayer and he prayed for the first time in 9 whole year’s ahhhh so cool. But it was super funny afterwards because my comp totally burned him... haha he forgot to say in the name of Jesus Christ amen and my comp was like,  hey for next time ya gotta do it right! And he was like, yep well I’m done tryin.. He was just joking but it was pretty funny!

On Friday we received a referral for a Columbian guy but he ended up being in another zone so we can’t visit him! But talking to him made me want to go to Columbia because their accents are so cool! Later that day in the afternoon we went and taught a convert and then we were walking around cause the rest of our plans fell through. I remembered that there had been girl that came to church the last week that lived on a street that we were close to, so we went to her house but she wasn’t home. On the way back my comp felt like we should contact a house with a lady selling a bunch of oranges.. haha well we contacted her and it turns out that her hubby is a less active!  He was baptized forever ago and hasn’t attended in a long time. We got talking with them and I asked them how they had come to trust so much in the Lord, and they both just started crying. She said that a couple months ago her 17 year old son had turned crazy, that he was a normal kid but now he has like scitzo or some sickness that makes him react violently and irregular. She said that the only thing that she has been sure of is that God listens to her prayers. We shared a scripture that’s super cool in 3 Nephi 17:7-9, it’s when cristo comes to the Americas and one of the first things he says and does is to ask these people to bring all of their afflicted and sick unto him so he can give them rest. We felt the spirit super strong during this lesson and afterwards realized that the spirit is guiding us through small and quiet impressions. The impression that I got to go down the street even though the other girl wasn’t home, and the impression my comp got to contact the lady selling oranges.. so cool!!!

The other lesson that we had last night was awesome!! With Liselet and Victor!! We taught them the law of chastity and marriage!! Well since we don’t have any experience of this whatsoever we brought with us a super strong couple who had been married in the temple and who are both return missionaries and have their own family now and everything. They basically gave the whole lesson hahaha it was super cool though because they just bore their testimonies on how the lord blesses us and our families through marriage. They agreed to prepare to be married next month (: we gotta do a tonnnnnn of paper work though!!! but we´re super happy!!

Love you guys a ton!!

Hermana Jackson

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