Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 30th Letter

I’m just gonna write ya a little guy this week(: We found a new family and they seem super cool. The wife’s name is Fara and the husband’s name is Alex. Three years ago the missionaries were visiting them and they were gonna be baptized but I guess their mom came to stay and she is suuuper evangelica, and then the missionaries got changed and so they just hardened their hearts. Ever since then the missionary’s haven’t been to visit! This family was actually a referral from one of the ward members from my old area Clavero(: We were walking to lunch one day and a guy and his girlfriend were on his moto stopped and started talking to us cause they recognized me! They gave us the referral and it seems like a family of GOLD. Super excited to work with them!

I’ve been seeing all sorts of people I know this week. Craziest thing, so we are just walking along the dirt path, this day we had taken a different route and were exploring our area a bit, when all the sudden someone comes up to me saying HERMANA JACKSON and immediately wraps their arms around me, I was like what the ! Who in the world just attacked me?!  IT WAS THE BISHOPS DAUGHTER FROM PUCALLPA. I love her so much and I turn around and THERES MY OLD BISHOP. We all just started laughing super hard. It felt like a dream(: but it was great to see them!! They are going to be here for 2 weeks visiting the grandparents who live in our area!! We set an appointment for Wednesday to visit them(:

Licenia is still progressing! She came to church with all of her little kids. Love her. Still working to get them a date for when they are getting married. We are trying to shoot for the end of February but I guess we´ll see because they gotta save up and everything and its super hard still to find her husband Juan. But we are going to have a FHE with them tonight so that should be good!

This week I was just thinking about how much I have learned this whole time. Every trial that I’ve had out here has truly made me become a little more like the person that the Lord really needs me to be. I’m enjoying every minute out here and feel really blessed where I’m at and who I’m with(:

Love you guys!
Hermana Jackson

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