Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This week was full of a ton of miracles!!!

We had 2 investigators in church! We actually had 4 but two of them are kids under 18 and they have to have a baptism permission slip to count as attendance. BUT the two people that we had are way cool!!! One girl is Cintia Corazon. She’s a 19 year old girl that my comp contacted with her old comp like 3 months ago but they never went to see her! So we went back to visit her and she is AWESOME. She is so willing to listen and learn and she accepts everything! Her only doubt is about baptism because she was baptized in the Catholic Church, but we are helping her to understand that it needs to be done with the priesthood and that baptism is not complete without the confirming of the holy ghost. She stayed at church for the first two hours and really enjoyed it!!! We will go back to teach her tomorrow (:

The other lady is literally a miracle. So we have been invading the area of the elders hahaha literally everyone is like a single mom there so we have a lot of cool investigators there hahaha it’s really funny actually. but we were walking to visit one of these single moms, when some guy in his motokar pulls up and says that he’s a member and that he has a referal for us, so we ask him who and he points to the passenger in the back!! An older lady named Mercedes. He said that they are dating and that he wants her to know the church. So we got an appt with her and went the next day. Well when we visited her she said that years back she had been praying to know the true church and missionaries came to her house and she started attending the church with her then husband, but later her hubby decided that he was done with investigating the church and they never went back! She really is the biggest sweetheart though! She came to church even though she woke up sick with a cold, but she LOVED IT. She felt the spirit very strongly in the second hour when we watched a video about how the BOM helps us in our daily life and with our daily tests and trials!! And she asked when she could be baptized!!! Wait what?? So today we are going to visit her and get her a date for March (:

We also have been teaching Miluska and she is gonna get baptized on the 11th of March. she’s super excited(: and we are teaching the family of less actives who’s kids need to get baptized and they have a date for the 11th as well!! We have a ton of people right now with a lot of potential so I’m pretty excited for this upcoming month (:

Just really feel like the Lord puts us in the right place at the right time. He knows what is best for us and for OTHERS. Everyone in our life, whether they leave or they stay, is for a reason. And we can make an impact on others, as well as learn and become a better person for ourselves. Just appreciate the people in our lives, and try to put everything in God’s hands, because He knows the reason for every trial and He is also the only one who knows what else is waiting for us just around the corner - the warm sun always follows the gloomy rain. 

Love you guys!

Hermana Jackson

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