Monday, February 6, 2017

Today Starts My Last Transfer In The Mission

I didn’t bring my journal and I can hardly remember anything!!  We have been helping Hna Dickman get all of her stuff ready to go cause she completes her mish and leaves today to go home!!! 
We have still been working with Lincenia and we are STILL having trouble finding her husband, so it’s made it really hard for her to progress.  We will have to see if we are going to keep trying with her or not.  We contacted two new families this week so that’s really good and we are gonna work with them this coming week.  We were also given a couple references from some ward members so we will be trying to contact them as well.  I think there may even be a couple baptisms in these references. 
Everything is going good though. Just very busy!!   Sorry I can’t send any pictures, none of the other three sisters have a working camera either.  And you don’t need to send me another package cause I’ll be home before you know it.  Save your money and we can go do something fun when I get home.
Today we have transfers and I will most likely get a new comp and this will be my last transfer, isn’t that just so crazy!! 
Well I gotta go, Sorry it’s so short, but I will remember my journal next week(:
Love you,
Hermana Jackson

(Sister Jackson’s release date is March 21st.   Her homecoming has been set for April 9th since the 2nd is General Conference weekend. Our sacrament meeting starts at 11 a.m.  I will share all the info when it gets closer to her being home)

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